Can you connect your Nintendo Switch tablet to any Switch dock?

If you've been wondering how you can play Nintendo Switch while your spouse or kids are watching a movie (or vice-versa) in the living room, no worries! You can connect your Switch tablet to another Switch Dock - not just in your own house, but in anyone's house. Plus, Nintendo will be selling a Dock Set sometime in the future, so you don't even have to buy the full getup in order to go from one TV to another (Although, you might want to buy multiple Switch systems just so everyone can play what they want in different rooms at the same time).

How is this possible?

Technically, Nintendo's Switch is the tablet portion of the entire system. The big boxy thing that connects to your TV is just the dock. It's not entirely unlike a charging station for your mobile phone. Once you connect the Switch Dock to a power source and then to your TV set, all you have to do is snap the Switch (the tablet) into the dock and you're good to go.

The Switch Dock doesn't have any operating system to worry about. There are no games downloaded or stored on it. It's merely a conduit from the Switch (tablet) to your TV.

How can I get just the Dock?

One of the accessories Nintendo has listed on its Buy Now page is the the Nintendos Switch Dock Set, which will include a Dock, an AC adapter, and an HDMI cable for $89.99.

The Dock Set is currently unavailable and you can't even preorder it anywhere. But, the fact that it's listed on Nintendo's website means it's in the works. Unfortunately, multi-TV households will have to wait for some time before the Dock is on store shelves.

If it's not too much of a pain, you can simply unplug the Switch Dock from one TV and plug it into another.

What if I want more than one Switch?

That's no problem at all (other than the fact that it might be difficult to get one on launch day). If you want to invest the $300 each for individual Switch systems (the tablet), Joy-Con controllers, and Docks, you are golden.

However, if you're just looking for additional controllers, charging stands for the controllers, or TV connecting Docks, you might be able to save a little money by purchasing peripherals individually. The only part of the Switch that isn't also sold separately is the Switch itself (the tablet).

Any questions?

Do you have questions about how the Dock works? Put them in the comments and we'll answer them.

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