Can you still use the iPhone's lightning port with the Mophie Juice Pack Access on?

Can you still use the iPhone's lightning port with the Mophie Juice Pack Access on?

Charging Options

Unlike other iPhone X battery cases, the Mophie Juice Pack Access leaves the lightning port uncovered. This means you'll be able to plug a cable into both the battery case's USB-C port and the iPhone X's lightning port at the same time. As you can imagine, this opens up a few different charging options for you. Another thing to note is that if a charging cable is plugged into the Mophie Juice Pack Access or the phone and battery case are placed on a wireless charging pad, the battery gives priority charging to the iPhone. Once the iPhone battery is completely charged, Mophie's battery case will work on charging itself.

You should be aware that the Juice Pack Access is not intended to charge any of the iPhone X line to 100% when on the go. Mophie's website specifically states that the battery pack "is meant to provide a quick top off to help you get you through your day until you can reach a wireless charging pad or charging outlet." You can still expect a decent amount of juice from the battery case, but don't expect it to get you through multiple days. The Mophie Juice Pack Access works with iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR.

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