Can you use Apple's Smart Keyboard case with the iPad mini (2019)?

Can you use Apple's Smart Keyboard case with the iPad mini (2019)?

Best answer: Unfortunately, while Apple included Smart Keyboard support on the new iPad Air, the iPad mini is not compatible with the Smart Keyboard. If you want a keyboard cover or case for your iPad Mini, check out Snugg's Bluetooth Keyboard Case.For your iPad mini: Snugg Bluetooth Keyboard Case ($55 at Amazon)Get the iPad mini: iPad mini 5 ($399 at Amazon)

The iPad mini (2019) unfortunately does not work with Apple's Smart Keyboard

Unlike the new iPad Air, the 2019 iPad mini doesn't have a smart connector. This means that the tiny tablet will not support Apple's Smart Keyboard case. You'll need to get a third-party option if you want a case or cover for your iPad mini that includes a keyboard. This also means that you're going to be looking for one that includes Bluetooth, and you'll need to go through the normal Bluetooth pairing process.

The good news here is that you don't need to wait for case manufacturers to make new cases for the new iPad mini. It has the same exact external measurements as the iPad mini 4. This means that you'll be able to use cases for the previous-generation mini with the brand new one.

Snugg's case offers options and protection for your iPad mini

Snugg makes a Bluetooth keyboard case that protects your iPad mini front to back when closed. It also lets you go from keyboard mode to tablet mode with just a twist. The case has a hinge that swivels 360 degrees, which you can use to turn your iPad from typing mode to tablet mode, which puts the keyboard behind the iPad, and lets you use your iPad mini as a normal tablet.

The Snugg case features indicator lights to notify you when Bluetooth, caps lock, and keyboard power is on. Another light lets you know if the keyboard is being charged.

If Snugg's case isn't to your taste, there are a number of other cases from which you can choose.

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