Candy Crush Friends Saga: Everything you need to know!

Candy Crush has been a mobile gaming staple for a long time, and now the newest version, Candy Crush Friends Saga, is here to give you more candy crushing puzzles.

While the main gameplay of the Bejeweled-style matching puzzle game hasn't really changed in this iteration, there are a couple of mechanics that are new to the series in Candy Crush Friends Saga; here's everything you need to know!

Gameplay basics

The basics of gameplay haven't changed in Candy Crush Friends Saga. You are trying to complete the objectives, by matching at least three of the same type of candy (distinctive by color and shape) before you run out of moves. Each move consists of you swapping to adjacent candies in order to make a match.

Different objectives

As you progress through the different levels in Candy Crush Friends Saga, you'll come across a few different objectives; here's a quick outline of each objective.

Free the animals

Look carefully, and you'll see marshmallow animals stuck under the layers of candies. Every time you match candies that cover any tiles blocking the animals, a layer will be removed. Get rid of all the layers covering the animals and you will set them free.

Free the octopuses

In this mode, you'll see a bunch of octopuses trapped in jelly. When you match candies next to any trapped octopus, you'll cut through a layer and be one step closer to setting your eight-tentacled friends free. Clear all the layers and free all the octopuses to win.

Fill the empty hearts

Matching candies next to the hearts will allow them to move their way along the track to their mold. Get all the hearts into the proper molds and you will win!

Dunk the cookies

At the bottom of your screen, you'll notice a river of fudge, and those cookies need to be dunked into it. Match the candies underneath the cookies to move them down the game board. Dunk all the cookies in the allotted moves and you win!

Spread the jam

If you've played Candy Crush Jelly Saga you'll be familiar with this objective. You'll want to match the candies that overlap the tiles that have jam on them. If you cover the entire game board in the jam, you'll win!

Special candies

While you have to match three in a row, there are several special types of candies that you can make by matching more than three candies in a row, some even in different patterns. For example, matching four candies in a row creates a striped candy, which when matched, will clear an entire row of candies.

There's a few different combinations and pattern you can make, but the game does a great game of explaining them all for you!

Candy friends

The biggest changes to Candy Crush Friends Saga is the addition of candy friends. These are characters you can collect throughout the game, that will help you by adding special candies to the board when you match certain colors.

You collect these characters by getting stickers in gifts throughout the game, so keep an eye out for them!

Anything else you want to know?

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