Cast and crew of 'Greyhound' take viewers behind the scenes in new clip

Greyhound Tom Hanks Krause
Greyhound Tom Hanks Krause (Image credit: Apple TV+)

What you need to know

  • Apple has released a new behind the scenes video of 'Greyhound'.
  • The inside look introduces us to the cast and crew of the film.
  • 'Greyhound' is streaming now on Apple TV Plus.

'Greyhound' released to streaming audiences everywhere yesterday on Apple TV Plus. In celebration of its debut, Apple has dropped a new inside look at the film on its Apple TV YouTube Channel.

In the video, Tom Hanks, who stars as Captain Ernest Krause in the film, says that the film is very much like a game of cat and mouse.

"Just imagine any way a sheep would try to escape a pack of wolves and you've got a ship trying to get away from the Nazi submarines. That was the game of The Battle of the Atlantic. The Nazis had submarines, U-boats, and their job was to sink any allied ship that was floating at sea."

Stephen Graham, who plays Charlie Cole in the film, talks about how nail-biting it must have been for the crew of a ship to wait in silence in hopes of catching on of the German submarines tasked with sinking them.

"That dead silence, and just waiting to see what's on your radar screen. You can imagine how it felt for the men back then, coming under attack."

Rob Morgan, who plays Cleveland, stresses the amount of pressure put on Tom Hanks' character as the captain of the convoy.

"Krause has a lot of pressure on himself 'cause he has a lot of lives at his hands, and every decision he makes determines the outcome of the whole crew."

Hanks closes the video by talking about the doubt that commanders like Krause must face, and how important it is to not let that doubt control their decision making.

"I don't think there's any commander that doesn't have this innate fear of being wrong. But that has to be conquered. You cannot let your command be governed by this nagging doubt of, 'What if I am wrong?"

'Greyhound' is streaming now on Apple TV Plus. You can watch the inside look below.

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