Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse now on the Mac!

Having been available on the iPhone and iPad for a little while now, Disney's Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse is now finally available to play on the Mac, too. Feral Interactive has come up with the goods and you can snag it from either the Mac App Store or Steam depending on your particular flavor of Mac gaming.

When Minnie Mouse is kidnapped by the jealous witch Mizrabel, it's up to Mickey to rescue her from a hexed castle in this fairytale platforming adventure. Bounce, jump, swim and swing through fifteen captivating levels, each filled with tricky tasks and imaginative enemies.Overcome the outrageous obstacles Mizrabel has scattered throughout her magical stronghold as you play through a spellbinding adventure where sparkling graphics, charming environments and deft animations evoke the enchanting spirit of classic Disney.

It's not the original, original classic game from years past, but it is an incredibly well done remake and a game we're extremely pleased to see grace the Mac. It captures everything that was special about the original and enhances it for the modern age. IF you're looking for something to occupy the weekend, look no further.

It'll run you for $14.99 in the U.S. and £10.49 in the UK, but as with the iOS version, it's worth every single penny. Grab it from the Mac App Store or the Steam Store at the links below.

Richard Devine

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