Checkers - 2 players brings simple, classical, gaming fun to iPad

Checkers - 2 players comes from Pacific Helm's dynamic trio of Louis Mantia, Brad Ellis, and Jessie Char, and if you're familiar with their design work, you're likely ignoring this preamble and already downloading. Fair enough. If you're not familiar with their design work, either you've never used software by Apple, Square, Rogue Sheep, the Iconfactory, and Tapulous, or you just don't know how familiar with their work you really are...

Pacific Helm typically does design work for other companies these days, but Checkers - 2 players is the first in what's hopefully a long string of apps and games all their own.

The premise is simple -- Checkers - 2 players is nothing more or less than a virtual checker board set you can carry around, and play with a friend, on your iPad. There's no artificial intelligence to play against, and inevitably train to take over the world. There's just a selection of boards and colors for the pieces, and the classic mechanics of the game.

Move. Jump. Capture. King. Win.

But in style.

It's $4.99 which isn't cheap when it comes to App Store games. That's a good thing. Because at "cheap" this game doesn't get made. Indie developers and designers don't do projects like these. We don't get elegant, beautiful stuff to enjoy. We don't get art.

And that's what this is. That checker set with the plush, inlaid board and perfectly moulded pieces that came in that fancy box you were only allowed to play with on special occasions. Only Checkers - 2 players comes on your iPad, goes wherever your iPad goes, can change colors at the tap of a settings, and can be played whenever you have a partner handy.

Simple. Elegant. Classical. Fun.

Grab it now.

$4.99 - Download now

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