iOS 13 Apple Maps Look Around featureSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • The Apple Maps "Look Around" feature continues its rollout.
  • It's now available in Chicago.
  • The feature gives users a 3D view of a location.

The Apple Maps "Look Around" feature has now expanded to include Chicago, adding another area to the 3D imagery that is similar to Google's Street View.

The feature allows users to zoom in on streets in Chicago and then see 3D images that give them a better feel for their surroundings. It can be super useful when you're scoping out a location that you plan on visiting, for example.

The addition of the feature to Chicago was noticed by Justin O'Byrne and MacRumors.

As O'Byrne notes, this now brings "Look Around" to ten different areas across the United States as Apple continues to close the gap between Apple Maps and Google Maps.

Covering 57% of the population of the Chicago metropolitan area (and 42% of the population of Illinois), this latest release is Apple's largest yet in terms of land area.

As impressive as that might sound, however, it's worth noting that the ten areas covered by Apple's "Look Around" equates to just "0.3% of the U.S.'s land area".