Chris Parsons' most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

Given that I spread my device usage across many different platforms such as iOS, Android and yes, even BlackBerry -- I find I have a few standard apps that I like to use. There is of course an exception when it comes to iOS, because I'm not overly fond of the native Twitter client on any OS but for the most part -- my most used apps all revolve around productivity for me and getting things done when I really need to. Read on for my selections


As mentioned, I have a real distaste for Twitter for iPhone -- especially after their most recent update. With that in mind, for Tweeting on the go I make use of Tweetbot. The layout is perfect for me, and it's nice and fast in comparison to other Twitter clients out there. I find with most Twitter clients, something is always missing. Be it push notifications, an image host or some other feature but with Tweetbot -- it has everything I need, all wrapped up in a gorgeous UI.


I am a dreadfully forgetful person, and to make matters worse -- I'm fully aware that I am that way. So, in an effort to better keep myself organized and remember things I use Evernote. I'll send links, notes, images and even the occasional voice note reminder to myself. For all of these reasons, Evernote is among my top used apps -- if not, my most used app aside from Tweetbot.


A lot of my life depends on the cloud, I store pics, documents, videos and music there. I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to having things backed up, given the amount of personal items I've lost over the years thanks to hard drive failures, SD Card failures and just hardware failures in general.

Backing things up to Dropbox has become a habit for me now, and having the comfort of being able to grab files from there when I need them is important. Also note the pattern here again -- Dropbox has a client for just about any platform be it iOS, Android and most importantly, my desktop.


While there is plenty of music services out there to choose from on, being Canadian makes it difficult to find one that offers plenty of choice when it comes to music selection since big media still has their heads in the sand when it comes to licensing agreements.

For a lot of folks, Slacker is a great option but for me -- it's Rdio. The service does cost me $9.99 / mnth but it also allows me to stream and store for offline use music with no limits across all my devices. That includes iOS, Android and even on my desktop. No brainer for me, and a must have.


I'm pretty much a internet junkie, I spend a lot of time on the internet digging up random things. As such, I come across a lot of weird things and using Tumblr helps me keep track of things I come across but not only that, it allows me to share those things with others as well.

Plus, I'm not huge Facebook fan but keeping a 'timeline' of current events is something I like to do, and often times I'll go back and look at the random things I have posted to Tumblr and remember those times. The Tumblr app for iOS is nice and simple and the service itself gives me an outlet -- as I learn on Zen and Tech, it's good to have an outlet for such things.

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