Chromatics releasing new album Closer to Grey on Apple Music tonight

What you need to know

  • Chromatics have released a surprise album called Closer to Grey.
  • It's the band's seventh studio album and follows 2012's Kill for Love.
  • You can listen to Closer to Grey now on Apple Music.

Fans of Chromatics are being treated to a nice present tonight: The band is releasing a new studio album called Closer to Grey, their first in seven years. It follows 2012's lauded Kill for Love.

According to Pitchfork, Closer to Grey comes in addition to Dear Tommy, another album Chromatics announced in 2014 but hasn't been released.

Closer to Grey tracklist:

01 The Sound of Silence02 You're No Good03 Closer to Grey04 Twist the Knife05 Light as a Feather06 Move a Mountain07 Touch Red08 Through the Looking Glass09 Whispers in the Hall10 On the Wall11 Love Theme From Closer to Grey12 Wishing Well

At the time, the band said Dear Tommy would be out in 2015, but a full album never came out. Instead, the band released multiple singles between February 2015 and May 2018.

Closer to Grey is apparently being referred to as the band's seventh studio album, which means Dear Tommy could still be number six. Kill for Love was the band's fifth record.

In any case, Closer to Grey is slated to be available on Apple Music at midnight Eastern on Wednesday, October 2.

Brandon Russell