Cities: Skylines launches on Nintendo Switch

Cities: Skylines is a Sim City-like experience where you have to construct a thriving metropolis from scratch. The goal is to build roads, modify terrain, zone blocks, and do much more in order to become profitable. Challenges like dissatisfied residents and natural disasters are also thrown in there for good measure. Many gamers and critics believe that Cities: Skylines is what EA's SimCity should've been.

Cities: Skylines has been available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One for many months now, but it's finally out on Nintendo Switch. Now you can construct the city of tomorrow on the go.

Commenting on the release, Paradox Interactive Product Manager Sandra Neudinger said, "This is an exciting opportunity for the game — for us internally, for current players, and for new players to come. It's very cool to experience a portable version of Cities: Skylines, so players can now carry their city with them, finding inspiration wherever they go."

The title currently costs $39.99 on the Nintendo eShop. It's unclear when the cartridge will be available at retailers.

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Asher Madan