Cluster Spawns in Pokémon GO are disappearing and people are not happy

Pokemon Go Pokeball Plus
Pokemon Go Pokeball Plus (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Reddit users are reporting Spawn points have been removed.
  • Many are seeing a huge reduction in Pokémon.
  • Niantic has not said anything about it.

If you are a Pokémon GO fan and you haven't been to The SilphRoad Reddit yet, you really should. There is a big community of players there, all trying to help each other out. One of the big talking points right now is a thread by user Kifit talking about spawn points in his city.

It looks like many people are seeing spawn clusters — places where lots of Pokémon appear together — removed from their normal routes and either moved somewhere else or vanishing altogether.

While moving spawn clusters is frustrating, especially if you have a long-standing walking pattern, it isn't a problem by itself. The major problem is the reduction in actual spawns. Many users are simply not seeing the same amount of Pokémon they used to see, and for rural players that is devastating. When you only had two spawn clusters giving you four or five Pokémon, you can't afford to have that taken away.

Not everyone is unhappy though. Several people are suggesting that instead of large clusters they are seeing a more even spread of Pokémon along the length of their route. This could help players stay engaged with the games for longer periods of time, and stop people from driving from cluster to cluster.

There has been no word from Niantic if this change was purposeful, a bug, or just an experiment but we have reached out for clarification and perhaps they will respond.

Have you noticed a significant drop in spawn clusters in your local area? let us know!

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