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What you need to know

  • Comply has a revised version of its AirPods Pro foam tips out.
  • The first version worked great but had its problems.
  • Some people reported tips that wouldn't stay attached.

Comply has revised its AirPods Pro foam tips just six months after it released the first version. I've been using them on my AirPods Pro for a few months and love them, but some people haven't been so lucky. This new revision seeks to fix the problems some people were having.

Those problems often revolved around the way the tips attach to AirPods Pro or, in the case of some people's foam tips, didn't attach.

Comply explains the situation in a support document.

The heat activated memory foam and foam shape are the same. With the launch of the original tips, we encountered an issue where the core would not stay attached to the device. Some customers experienced this issue almost immediately or shortly after wearing. We are continuously committed to ensuring our customers have the best experience and have replaced the tips for those who have reached out to our customer support team prior to launching our 2.0 product.

So what's going on with the new version? Comply says that the updated tips better mimic those provided by Apple, ensuring they're a better fit all around.

Our new core now mimics the Apple connection, including small indents that click on to the base in the same way as the stock tips. The tips also include the same style mesh as both our original tips and the mesh included with the stock AirPods Pro tips. This mesh is now black for a consistent and sleek look.

Comply foam ear tips installed on AirPods ProSource: Comply

Other people had problems that saw their AirPods Pro refuse to charge thanks to the extra bulk of the new foam tips. Comply says that's been worked on, too.

In addition to the improved connection to the device, we were able to review our manufacturing processes to ensure that foam is adhered to the core with consistency and strength. To do this, we redesigned the inner core to be slightly longer and more firm than our original core. Our improved manufacturing process also positions the core more consistently, which has resolved issues that caused some users devices to not fit in the charger properly.

I've picked my AirPods Pro up to find one earbud charged and the other completely dead before, so I'm keen to see how the new tips fare. You can order the refreshed AirPods Pro tips right now for $24.99.