Contest winners: 15,000 Swagbucks, Mail Pilot for Mac, and an iPad Air!

If there's one thing iMore loves even more than all the iThings, it's giving fantastic prizes to our awesome readers. This week we have 15,000 Swagbucks and a brand new iPad Air! I'm sure you're all anxious to see who the randomator has selected so let's get to it.

The winners are:

  • $500 Apple gift card for a new iPad!
    Delroy Nedd1

I've traveled the world a thousand times in my mind, through my dreams both day and night. Walked the Great Wall, Climbed Mt. Everest and Felt the Hot sand under my toes in Florida. I'm working to release this inner character that's seen all these places and done all these things. Like Aladdin had a magic carpet I'd wanna have my magic iPad to take me as far as my eyes can see. Through the Safari, I take notes make reminders and set dates on a calendar for all the places I wanna see and Contacts I've made on the way, and while I'm at it Find a friend I haven't seen. My verse is simple, to experience life and capture every moment my dreams become reality.

  • 15,000 Swagbucks!
  • Mail Pilot for Mac codes!

Congratulations! Winners will be contacted via email in the next few days. Looking for another chance to win? We always have a contest underway for something cool, so keep your eyes on the blogs for those announcements.

Michelle Haag