Cut the Rope: Time Travel: 6 tips, tricks, and cheats to feed Om Nom's ancestors!

Cut the Rope: Time Travel takes you through twelve ages of human—er, nomkind: Middle Ages, the Renaissance, a Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Stone Age, the Disco Era,the Wild West, Asian Dynasty, the Industrial Age, the Future, and a Parallel Universe. In each of them, you'll need to feed Om Nom's ancestors if you want to succeed. Here's how!

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Don't just go in, swipes ablazin'

The key to Cut the Rope: Time Travel—or any Cut the Rope game, for that matter—is to take stock of the entire stage before you go cutting ropes. Don't just start swiping and hope for the best, especially in stages where there are pains in the butt, like blades, bombs, rockets, and more.

Get in, look around, take a breath, then fire away.

That being said, don't stop trying

Cut the Rope: Time Travel lets you try as many times as you want, no life-limited wanted or needed. You might have to watch an ad in between tries, but you'll never have to wait more than 30 seconds to try again.

That means you shouldn't be afraid to try. And try. And try. You'll get better each time.

Use that freeze button!

The freeze button is gonna be one of Om Nom's and your biggest friends during your time travels. So use it. When you first encounter the freeze button, the game forces you to use it so you learn how. Later, when it pops up again, you'll be under no such pressure. But that doesn't mean you should forget about it.

Any time you need to take a moment and really take stock of the whole stage, use the freeze button. It'll make it much, much easier to collect all three stars.

Watch out for bombs!

A new feature in Cut the Rope: Time Travel is the bomb. It explodes when it comes into contact with ANYTHING in the level. Take full stock of your surroundings because you're going to need to know where to cut and you're gonna need to know quickly!

Bombs also push any swinging object outward instead of inward, so keep that in mind when you've gotta time things out just right and direction is playing an important factor.

Conserve your hints

You may be tempted to use your hints right away. After all, levels can be frustrating. But you really want to wait as long as you can before burning a hint. Wait as long as you possibly can, because when you really need a hint, you'll really need a hint ready and waiting.

Don't blow through them. Don't run out. Use your hints not when you want them, but when you need them!

Conserve Om Nom's superpowers, but don't forget about 'em

Since the button is so tiny, it's easy to forget that Om Nom has telekinesis. Yes: Mind bullets!

Like the freeze button, telekinesis makes the stage infinitely easier, setting up an invisible boundary around the entire stage, which stops candies from falling, lets you control them, and makes them impervious to any features of the stage that might destroy them.

Super powers make it waaaay easier to collect all the stars and make sure the candies get safely to Om Nom and his ancestor.

How do you play?

These are the tricks I've been using to cut ropes and travel time. If you've got other tricks, better tricks, let me know!

Got any tips for Cut the Rope: Time Travel that might help other folks? Sound off in the comments below!

Mick Symons

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