Darkroom gets mouse and trackpad support for iPad

Darkroom Ipad
Darkroom Ipad (Image credit: Darkroom)

What you need to know

  • Darkroom has updated its photo editing app for iOS.
  • version 4.5.5 brings cursor support for iPadOS.
  • It means you'll be able to edit your photos with a mouse and trackpad on iPad.

Darkroom has updated its iPad app to bring cursor support, meaning you can now edit photos with a mouse or trackpad.

Darkroom announced its version 4.5.5 release of the software yesterday, March 27. Its update notes state:

Adds support for the new cursor on iPadOS. With a connected trackpad or mouse, you can manage your library and edit your photos faster than ever! We'll be expanding this support in the coming weeks so keep an eye out! Reduces the amount of memory the app uses on older devices. This should reduce crashes on those devices. We will continue testing and improving performance on the iPhone 5S, 6S, and other devices that may feel like they have gotten slower with the recent update.

The update is of course designed to take advantage of iPadOS 13.4. Released last week, iPadOS 13.4 allows users on any support iPad to use a trackpad or mouse with their iPad. The feature was a highly-touted selling point of Apple's most recent iPad Pro, however, it is in fact available through a software update on all iPad Pro models, as well as the iPad Air 2, 5th-gen iPad, iPad mini 4 and all subsequent devices. Trackpad support runs on any iPad running iPadOS 13.4 and works with Apple's Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. It also supports third-party Bluetooth or USB peripherals, such as the new Logitech Pebble mouse for iPad.

Darkroom was further updated a few days ago to re-enable RAW editing on older devices such as the iPad Air and iPhone 5S. It received a major overhaul on March 14 with the introduction of a new rendering engine designed to drastically improve performance, stability, and reliability. The full notes on that update can be found here.

Darkroom - Photo Editor is free on iOS, but you'll need to pay a $20 a year subscription to unlock all of its features.

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