Data suggests Apple TV+ is the only streaming service not surging during the pandemic

Apple TV+ Apple TV interface
Apple TV+ Apple TV interface (Image credit: Joseph Keller / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple TV+ is not enjoying the same boost as its competitors during lockdown.
  • That's according to figures from Antenna.
  • They suggest that sign-ups in March and April were no better than February.

A report suggests that Apple TV+ is not enjoying the same surge as other competitor streaming services despite the global pandemic and lockdown measures.

As reported by Business Insider:

Apple TV Plus sign-ups in March and April were no greater than February sign-ups, according to the research company Antenna, suggesting that the streaming service's subscriber growth is slow compared to others during the coronavirus pandemic.

The report notes that platforms like Disney Plus and Hulu have gained lots of new subscribers since the beginning of the outbreak, which is forcing more people to stay at home and socially distance, driving at-home entertainment consumption of services like Netflix.

The report continues:

Data from the research company Antenna, which is based on a variety of anonymized transactional data sources (like credit card transactions), suggests that Apple TV Plus is the only major streaming service that hasn't surged in subscribers while people practice social distancing. Antenna said that Apple TV Plus sign-ups in March and April, when coronavirus guidelines were implemented, were no greater than February sign-ups.

Despite not enjoying the same boost, there is suggestion of audiences "warming" to Apple TV+, noting an increased demand for programming recently:

The data company doesn't look at subscribers, but measures audience demand, which reflects viewership, engagement, and desire weighted by importance. The demand share in the US for Apple TV Plus' programming among other streamers had increased by more than 10% in the seven weeks after March 11.

Notably, Apple TV+ series 'Defending Jacob' starring Chris Evans has proven to be a breakout hit for the platform. Most recently, Apple TV+ announced a brand new sports docuseries, Greatness Code, which will feature episodes on Tom Brady, Lebron James, Usain Bolt and more. A $70M deal with Tom Hanks WWII film Greyhound was also recently announced. Apple is also reportedly trying to buy up the rights to older TV shows and movies to establish a more substantial back catalog for the service.

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