Dead Cells for the Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

If you have been hearing things about Dead Cells coming out on the Nintendo Switch and would like to glean a few more details, then we have you covered. Here's everything you need to know.

Who made it?

Dead Cells (Image credit: Motion Twin)

Dead Cells is a game developed by Motion Twin. Coming straight from the mean streets of Bordeaux, France, Motion Twin has created various games like Twinoid, Hammerfest, and My Brute. Prior to Dead Cells, all of its games have been free or freemium releases. Dead Cells represents its first foray into a traditional style release.

What sort of game is it?

Dead Cells is being described as a hybrid of roguelike and Metroidvania-style games. Players will explore and battle within procedurally-generated dungeons. You can expect exceptionally tough combat, so if you have a problem dying repeatedly, then you're probably going to want to steer clear. However, if you love the process of dying, learning, and trying again, then this is certainly going to be right up your alley. All indications point to this being a game that is every bit as rewarding as it is difficult.

What is it about?

Dead Cells Screenshot

Dead Cells Screenshot (Image credit: Motion Twin)

It seems as if the plot will be taking a bit of a back seat to the solid and rewarding gameplay. You take on the role of a character known only as The Prisoner and it's your job to help them escape before their execution. As you play, it's revealed that The Prisoner is immortal so every time they die, they're reconstituted at the beginning of the prison. As you progress through the game, perhaps you'll learn more about the backstory of this mysterious Prisoner.

When can you have it?

Dead Cells will release digitally on the Nintendo store on Aug. 7. If you'd like to own a physical copy of the game, it will release on August 21. You can pre-order a physical copy from Amazon for $35.

Are you excited to play some Dead Cells?

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Jaz Brown