Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, tricks, and cheats

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is highly addicting and if you're anything like me, you've probably spent several hours running your minion through different stages in order to collect bananas, Gru tokens, and fruit. The further you get into the Jelly Labs, the harder the challenges become. Luckily that doesn't mean you need to spend real world money in order to advance. From gift code combinations to using your Gru tokens wisely, here are our top tips, hints, and cheats for advancing in Minion Rush, no real money required!

1. Trade bananas for upgrades

Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, tricks, and cheats

The most obvious tip I can give you that will cost you nothing is to collect as many bananas as you can. Most character upgrades and level ups can be purchased in game with just the bananas you collect. Sometimes I'll run through levels just to collect bananas and stock up.

If you aren't opposed to spending some money, the one thing you absolutely should by is the Golden Banana. It will give you double points for each banana you collect, forever. That means you will be able to buy upgrades with your bananas twice as fast, indefinitely.

2. Connect to Facebook

Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, tricks, and cheats

Connecting to Facebook not only allows you the ability to send your entertaining friends taunts and challenges but also gives you extra Gru tokens just for connecting. So if you have a Facebook account, make sure you link it up. You'll also earn a Gru token each day that you connect to Facebook through Minion Rush, and since tokens are hard to come by, 1 a day adds up!

3. Save the Evil Minion for especially tough challenges

Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, tricks, and cheats

Once you've unlocked the PX41 serum, you'll be able to transform into Evil Minion. While in this mode, you'll be able to destroy anything in your path. When you're faced with a challenge that requires you to have an insanely high Despicable bonus, or you need to plow past a tough obstacle so you don't have to cash in Gru tokens to continue, these are the times you'll want to activate the Evil Minion. Just remember you can only use it every few hours so use it with care.

4. Upgrade your power-ups wisely

Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, tricks, and cheats

As you get further into runs, you'll notice bonus items that you can use to help you along. Powering these up can be done from the main menu. You'll have to cash in your bananas and tokens though so it's important to choose wisely. For example, if you're going into a challenge that requires you to break through a lot of ice using the freeze ray, level up the freeze ray by cashing in bananas. This will make the challenge a lot easier and allow you to advance faster.

There are a few power-ups that are always safe bets and always benefit you, and those are the ones that net you large amounts of bananas. So be sure to level up the Banana Splitter and the Fluffy Unicorn whenever you can. More bananas means more upgrades.

5. Different costumes are better suited for some challenges

Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, tricks, and cheats

You may notice that each level gives you suggestions on what costume you should wear. This isn't for no reason. Different costumes have different powers or benefits and if you're performing a challenge that requires you to have a huge Despicable bonus, it's probably best you use the costume that extends the XXL Minion. This theory applies to lots of other challenge and costume pairs as well. So if you're stuck on a challenge, re-evaluate what you're wearing and see if a costume change will improve your odds.

6. Don't use tokens to continue runs

Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, tricks, and cheats

Minion Rush isn't like other games such as Candy Crush. You have an infinite amount of runs and for the most part, getting a super long run doesn't do anything but boost your top score. You also only need one fruit item to unlock the next level so if you've already got that, don't waste your precious Gru tokens. They are always better spent on costumes, items, and upgrades.

Instead, just start the run over in order to complete it. I can't think of any scenario where you'd need to cash in tokens to continue a run, unless you're really having a hard time. However, with the new Jelly Labs mode of play, most challenges can be completed in shorter runs as long as you choose costumes and upgrades wisely.

7. How to get to the Disco Room

While in Gru's lab, watch for an area where you see bananas off the track and on a pipe off to the right. You can steer towards that for an awesome bonus portion of the game in the Disco Room.

8. Gift Codes

Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, tricks, and cheats

Minion Rush has a section in the settings panel for gift codes. Here are the combinations of minions to use in order to unlock the corresponding prize:

  • Baby Minion - Normal Minion + Fireman Minion + Baby Minion
  • 5x Banana Perks - Baby Minion + Fireman Minion + Maid Minion
  • Loser Taunt - Maid Minion + Normal Minion + Golf Minion
  • 3x Minion Launcher - Beach Minion + Fireman Minion + Mustache Minion
  • 1 Banana Bunch - Golf Minion + Beach Minion + Mustache Minion

The codes above are verified as working as of the end of August 2014. If you find any more that work, feel free to leave them in the comments and we'll check these regularly and update! If they don't work for you anymore, please let us know that too!

9. Collect your silver prize pods

Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, tricks, and cheats

While you only need one fruit to advance to the next level, you can keep running in order to collect 2 more. Essentially, this is just like getting a 3 star bonus. Some items you'll want to collect can be obtained through collecting enough fruits in each stage, like puzzle pieces to unlock costumes. You may be able to advance but you'll need a specific number to collect a silver prize pod, even more for a Despicable multiplier. Both are worth having so trace your steps and be sure you're completing each level to the best of your ability.

10. Log in daily

Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, tricks, and cheats

This goes along with my tip about Facebook but in case you didn't realize, every day that you log in to Minion Rush, you'll get a banana bonus. This isn't dependent on Facebook so even users that don't tie to a Facebook account will get the banana bonus daily. If you do though, you'll also get a Gru token for coming back every day.

Your Despicable Me: Minion Rush tips, hints, and cheats?

Been playing Minion Rush? If you've figured out anything cool we haven't mentioned here or have any other tips you think readers would benefit from, make sure to drop them in the comments below!

Note: Originally published, July 2013. Updated August 2014.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • Thank you hope this gets me Lots of Bananas Sent from the iMore App
  • I like real bananas! :D
  • Nice!
  • I'm so addicted to this me a break from Temple Run OZ!
    Thanks for the tips...
  • How Can I send challenges to my friends?
  • It should show up after a 'run', you should see an icon to the right area on their name bar. Click on that and have fun.
  • How can I accept a challenge? I can't find it?
  • I've just found that at the bottom on the first screen next to 'costumes' is an arrow which if you press, shows you your challenge. It also flashes up on the bottom of the screen as you start running.
  • tap on a little square with a bomb on it , beside ur friend's name , and there will be 3 rectangles with 1 word each ; score , distance and bananas . choose the area u want to challenge ur friend in and ur score in the previous run in that area will appear . then , there will be 4 taunts for u to choose from to send to ur friend
  • indeed xd
  • Everytime I try connecting to Facebook it would say (for the tokens) just a link but it never seems to load. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Is there any special tricks when riding the rocket?
    Are there any other "rooms" like the disco room?
  • errr...... no. not really
  • Where to watch the videos to get free Gru tokens ?
  • I've got 100 gru tokens
  • @Jun Noel: Go to the Shop/Costume button and on the right it will show a Gru Token and the word free. Watch and enjoy free token.
    @Girl Punk: I am having the same trouble on my iPad Mini. I am also using my iPhone as a main device.
    @Robin Rowan: There is an update that has added something.
    (Yes, we have no banana's)
  • It added a new environment, purple evil minions, and more. Hope you enjoy the game
  • Thanks for the tip, Lt_Solorna! Want my number?
  • I have try too many time to watch short video ads...but i didnt find ads when i touch (free) in shop/costume its show olny app to download and earn 2 3 tokens.....i wanna watch to earn me plz....
  • I can go to he shop/costume button in minion rush beacause I was playing and there's no gru tokens.
  • I was wondering what the little chalice looking thing that appears to have a timer on it in the bottom right corner when you're playing represents. I have a number 8 in there and my boyfriend has a number 17 but neither of us know what it's for. Can you enlighten us?
  • Good question. Anyone know the answer?
  • Weekly competition points for whatever that competition is. You can see the results in the friends section click on the trophy top right
  • There are weekly tournaments on minion rush and that trophy in this corner is just a way of counting how many times you've done what's needed to be done for that weekly challenge. That hardly makes sense.... For example, this weeks challenge is to use as many speeders as you can throughout the week, The more speeders you use, the higher that number is. Hope this helps clear that up a bit!
  • To me, it appears that this counts how many of their special "missions" you've completed. Not just weekly challenges, but the little missions like "ride gru's rocket 3 times"
  • It is for the weekly contest. It keeps the number of times you did whatever the contest is that week. For instance this week is use the speeders as many times as you can. You get bonuses for them too of you do it so many times. To find out what the contest is each week, from the home page tap the social or friends button them at the top right hand corner tap the button that looks like a wreath and it will be there. Let me know if this helped. Thanks!
  • it's for the weekly contest
  • Why the powerups cost 1000 tokens? Earlier this day it shows banana for upgrade but now it shows 1000 tokens im asking why? I had everything near max up only one upgrades left to all powerups and it cost about 50000 bananas that wasnt problem but 1000 tokens?
  • Can you say that clearer please?
  • Anyone know how to get into the disco style room in Macho's Lair. I entered it from the center lane but I have no idea how I did it.
  • El Macho's lair doesn't have a disco room. It's a beach and you don't have to go anywhere. You will just see lots of vacuum power ups and bananas with minions on the beach as scenery in the background. I do have a question about El Macho's lair and that I show do you ever gt out or get to defeat El Macho???? I've never even seen him and I've gone over 5,000 meters. I've played all week in El Macho without the option to get to Gru's lab or Residential again.
  • This is what I've been having problems with!!
  • I've never seen El Macho either, and I've been in his lair FOREVER! :)
  • When running course in minion don't always follow green arrow re run course an you will find El Macho an you can jump over small bombs he rolls at you hope this helps
  • It's pretty simple... Towards the end of the level you will see a green arrow pointing u towards the next stage.... DON'T take it.... Go the other way... Ull run into him a few mins later....
  • So can you only use the gift codes once and no more? Our can they be done repeatedly?
  • Some1 answer this please
  • Only once.
  • Did you solve your problem about defeating El Maco , ? Coz I used to run over 10000 meters at El maco liar and not found him!!!
  • What does leaderboard in the game means ? ......and my rank was 21, but i still dont have any clue on why i did not recieve the tokens,is it related to the leaderboard???
  • Thats ur place on the weekly task. Meaning ure 21st place to those who had accomplished the most of meeting the weekly goal.
  • Is the gru tokens is available in people that don't have to do and play minion rush??
  • I'm a little shocked and sad since i was about to put one of my power ups to max when suddenly after updating the game, the power-up cost tokens instead of the previous bananas only.
  • Is Facebook the only way to add friends to this game? If not, is there a list of people playing that I can add?
  • I believe so. Its up to u on how to add more who has been playing the said game. U can try going to the minions facebook page and add those ones who's there liking the said page.
  • No. Game Center is one way to play with friends. And there is a Movie Theater in the Mall district. Happy gaming! :)
  • How do I accept challenges from my facebook friends???
  • just go on a run in the game
  • Why is the cost of the revive is now 20 Gru tokens when it cost 5 Gru tokens before???
  • Jun mine did earlier today but its back to 5 now. It often differes between 5 and 20. If its goes up. I sometimes find watching a few of Grus free cash brings in down
  • I would love to know how to use Kung fu taunt and laughing taunt??
  • Mimi. When you challenge. It gives you a choice of taunts to send. You just click on a taunt and it sends it
  • just tap on them after you buy them
  • Hey all. One of my goal is to run 750 metres without any despicable actions. It's hard cause when you pass any minion holding a photo, then it adds despicable bonus automatically. Any idea how to get the goal? That'd be nice. Thanks y'all.
  • Just log off ur Facebook and you will never see any minion holding picture.try to avoid getting any weapon/item before the completion of the mission.avoid bump into those on road minion as well/evil minion (el macho lair).hope you pass soon.
  • I'm having the same problem. So I logged out of Facebook (from the Minion Rush app) and I turn off my internet. It didn't work, I still have people's scores and the automatic despicable action/ bonus. Any suggestions?
  • I cannot log in Facebook
  • I'm having the same problem. So I logged out of Facebook (from the minion rush app) and I turn off my internet. It didn't work, I still have people's scores and the automatic despicable action/ bonus. Any suggestions?
  • I'm having the same problem. So I logged out of Facebook (from the Minion Rush app) and I turn off my internet. It didn't work, I still have people's scores and the automatic despicable action/ bonus. Any suggestions?
  • I can't log on Facebook in mioion rush.Any suggestion
  • not sure . jump over the minion ?
  • Any one can help ?! I didn't find El maco even if I used to run over 10000 meters at El maco lair.
  • I'm having an issue. So I logged out of Facebook (from the Minion Rush app) and I turn off my internet. It didn't work, I still have people's scores and the automatic despicable action/ bonus. Any suggestions?
  • last weekly contest i won 1st place but i didn't get token why? 1st to 10th prize is 1000 token
  • I had the same problem(I finished the week 3rd) from the menu screen click on the bottom right button "options". Touch the green customer care button and report the problem to tech support. We shouldn't have to do this but two of the three weeks I have placed in the weekly contest I had to ask for my tokens.
  • now how? did u get your reward?
  • el maco is there try to turn left 2 times and there he was you can also try to turn right 2 times but i noticed That after the part with the banana vacuüm's he can show up hope this helps
  • What does it mean when it's says to perform 10 despicable actions against the minions?
  • it means to hit 10 minions . Hope this helps .
  • How do i enter secret areas??
  • it is in gru's lab . when u see a vacum on a big tube on the left , go on it
  • How do you get out of the residential area? I've been running around for over 40,000 meters
  • I just have finished this last weekly contest about to find out the trampolines and at the final seconds of the end, I got the #866 (nearly), but untill now I hadn't receive my 100 tokens, that was showed as a reward. How can I get that?
  • Found this trick by accident and being impatient. After you watch a video ad for free tokens it will take you back to the game screen and give you an OK button to click. Tap that button as fast as possible and each tap will give you a coin. You can get 2-5 coins per ad now instead of just one.
  • Something really weird and cool happened when I first downloaded minion rush. I pressed 'play' and the minion jumped off the spring, but landed before the track starts. So he kept falling but the distance just went on and I died at 14 604m just after I decided to leave it falling and go to sleep. I didn't get a very high score, though, because I didn't get any bananas or commit any despicable actions. It happened again a few days later but I died after 1000m. Anyone had the same thing happen or know how to do it again?
  • it happened to me once , when i was running but this is just a technical problem . sorry don't think u can do it again
  • Hey guys, Minnion Rush just updated till version 1.3.0(Halloween Patch) and I managed to randomly find some Minnion Rush codes by random scrolling through them and pressing OK:
    Regular,Fireman,Baby - Free Baby Minnion
    Baby, Fireman, Maid - 5 x Banana Multiplier Perks
    Maid, Regular, Golf - Loser Taunt
    Beach, Fireman, Moustache - 3 x Minnion Launcher
  • Thank you for this.. haha
  • thanks
  • Welcome, will update if I find out if there's a new code.
  • Ty so mucho!!!!
  • I can't find the vedios to watch there are nothing but games to download i don't want any games I rather watch the video for the free tokens. I have clicked on the free token area in the shop and all it shows are games to down for tokens.
  • if u wanna beat your high score hit as many minions as possible . :]
  • minion rush is my favourite game . Personally , i feel that it's the best game ever !
  • When i tapped on the ' Play ' button the button disappeared, but the minion did not run, . i got this problem after updating the game. i could do nothing but watch the minion move . i could not even play the game :[
  • problem fixed :]
  • there isn't a villian in minion beach , is there ?
  • None of the codes worked.. Stupid updates :-(
  • Regular,Fireman,Baby - Free Baby Minnion
    Baby, Fireman, Maid - 5 x Banana Multiplier Perks
    Maid, Regular, Golf - Loser Taunt
    Beach, Fireman, Moustache - 3 x Minnion Launcher
    Try some of these :)
  • All of those combinations worked. Thank you! Do they only work once though?
  • I guess so...
    I think there's one more code...will try to figure it out
  • How do I sign into Facebook. I have went to options>connect and I can see where to log in.
  • Hey guys, just updated Minnion Rush and I guess there are new codes and so here you guys go:
    Baby Minnion, Hulu Minnion, Golf Minnion- 5 x Score Perk
    Hunh....Guess this was the last one I forgot to find the last time :D
    Just reply on any one of my comments I guess if you guys need me to check up on stuff or there's new updates or changed codes and I will try to help out.
  • How is it possible that this person has gone thru 10,000 speeders?
  • I keep trying to input the gift codes as stated, but it still says " invalid code". Do they change often or get deactivted? Does anyone have up to date codes? Thanks.
  • Since I don't have the game yet (since I don't have any of those devices), I looked up (on Google): Minion Rush Help Invalid Codes. After I clicked the Facebook link. Maybe that will help. It said you have to contact someone (or something). Earlier in this post someone said something about going into the Options menu and press something. I don't remember what, though.
  • I am playing Minion Rush on a laptop running Windows 8.1. How do you activate the minion launcher and banana multipliers? I am only using a keyboard. Help!
  • Are the cheats for the Gift Codes fake? If they are, it explains a lot how I'm getting a pop up sign saying "INVALID CODE…"
  • I just tried all the codes, one at a time. There is no secret to it and you don't even have to have crazy finger skills to do it fairly quickly. There are only seven minions and three slots for a total of 7x7x7 combinations. I tried all 343 combos in just a few minutes. Note: some of the valid combos for me contained duplicate minions (baby, baby, hula gave me tokens!) The codes that worked for someone else will probably not work for you, and you will get robbed or hacked if you go to a site that offers a cheat for minion codes.
  • None of the codes worked for me!
  • My ipad mini does not give me the option to connect with friends on Facebook. What do I have to do to fix this? I simply do not have the "friends" tab to connect. It's got the newest update, and is connected with Game Center. I just don't understand.
  • How do you get to the moon on the game? I can't figure it out
  • if you haven't figured it out yet, the moon is a power up. you have to purchase it in the store before it will show up durring the run. it's just like with the mega minon and banana vacuum.
  • These codes on this site do not work! I try them all yesterday and none of them work! But there is no apple in the moon area because there is no outfit like it shows on this site. I played this game for 31 days in a row then it says get the apple in the moon area! I am very disappointed in this game!
  • This has to do with the game being updated regularly, i am working on updating this guide over the weekend, new codes will be added, etc.. there's nothing we can do about them updating - that's going to happen, we'll keep up as best as we can!
  • can yall help please i wsnt more bannas and tokens
  • So ive been playing minion rush for weeks and have completed who knows how many missions and gru still hasn't given me the el macho battle how long does it take
  • If you run a lot in avl you will see an elevator that brings you to a seceret area that also gives SOO many bananas
  • I think the gift combinations change because when I tried doing them none of them worked. Not a single one.
  • Hi All,
    been playing Minion Rush for over 6 months now and loving it. Im stuck on a goal 'party in grus lab 4 times in a single run'. I know where to find the entrance to the secret area, no problem, but cannot access it more than 3 times in a run. This is despite running thousands of metres. Does anyone know what 'triggers' the secret area as a route option?
  • I got the Laughing Stock. And I can't find it in the minion menu. Where do I find it?
  • OK. Since my latest update on my mobile the purple minion evil is only vilble in 83,000 hours' (9 years!!!!!) Any ideas guys?
  • None of those minion cobos works.
  • Updating them this weekend :)
  • Hi Allyson, thanks for this info, it's very helpful. Did you update this weekend? Thought maybe I missed it. Also, did you see my question below about FB log in button not appearing on my game? Thought you might have some ideas about possible solutions. I sent Game Loft a ticket, but haven't heard anything back. Thanks again!!!
  • It worked for me except the baby minion
  • Play FRINKLE Sent from the iMore App
  • One more combination that you forgot! This may or may not work although it did for me! The downside to it is that I got one free Banana ;-(
    Golf Minion+Beach Minion+Mustache Minion
  • Yes! These codes still do work! I don't know why they aren't working for you but I got them going.
  • Help please!!! Can't find a button for FB anywhere. Not under Connectivity tab or on page when I win a fruit, as pictured in screenshots I've seen elsewhere. Any ideas what's going on? I want those free daily tokens by hooking up with FB. Also, any hints on how to get by the weird turning gear thingies in the AVL areas? Those things are so frustrating to me!!! Thanks...
  • Ok, is anyone out there still playing this game? Could you please provide me with a link for an active forum? I'd love to chat with someone about this game and this site seems kinda dead. I'm so frustrated with this last update, now my lag time is even worse!!! I want to vent and get hints, can anyone help a fellow player out?
  • All the codes worked for me except the baby minion ... Can u pls tell me why ??? I need that baby minion so much :(
  • For some reason my points collected in each level aren't registering ... My grand total of points never changes... It should show way more then it does? How do I fix this? Can anyone help?
  • Found another Despicable me combination. It's Beach minion+Maid minion+Baby minion=3xbananas
  • I just updated the app for valentine. But when I go to the special mission, on the first level, it says to unlock the previous one? But that is the very first level visible. What to do? Now I can't play the special mission.
  • I have the same problem ...
  • 3 banana perks= beach+maid+baby
    5 smash perks= baby+beach+golf
    3 smash perks= golf+golf+baby
    1 banana= mustache+baby+beach All found on Monday Feb 23 2015
  • How do I throw cookies at the girl
  • How do I throw drones at vector in level 10 if I am playing on my computer keyboard?
  • Adoro i Minions <3 Ho trovato questo sito dove vendono articoli sui Minions molto carini io adoro le pantofole :D
  • is the gru tokens free???
  • I want 10,000 gru tokens
  • I been looking for free gru tokens
  • how do I throw the little machines back at vector??
  • How do I throw the pink little robots back at the girl in the pink flying machine?
  • Do I log off Facebook at the end of the day and log back on the next day at a certain time?
  • Everytime I log off and then on again to Facebook, I don't get the tokens. What am I doing wrong?
  • What if my game does not have a gift code section in the setting tab?
  • \my game does not have a gift code section in the setting tap
  • i need banana
  • No gift card sectoon
  • Hi. Just reached Vilotriloquist level. I've tried double tapping on the to throw. Doesn't work. Is it me or the game?
  • Can anyone tell me how to beat the vilotriloquist?
  • Hi, people! New winter version Minion Rush Full! Download and play free: It`s wonderful version!
  • Hai i can not see the gift icon i don't have it i think? Can some one please help me how too get it?
  • Did anyone ever get an anwser back???