Detective Pikachu promotion event announced for Pokémon GO

In celebration of the new Detective Pikachu movie, releasing to theaters on May 10, Niantic announced a special promotional event for Pokémon GO revolving around the movie! Starting on May 7 at 1 PM MDT (3PM EDT), the event will run until May 17 at 1 PM MDT (3PM EDT).

According to Niantic, during this event you can:

  • Receive double XP for catching any Pokémon.
  • Have a higher chance of finding Pokémon featured in the movies in the wild.
  • See Pokémon featured in the movie appearing in raids.
  • Acquire specially themed Field Research from visiting Pokémon GO stops.
  • Buy featured avatar items from the Style Shop.
  • Get "photobombed" by a Pikachu wearing a detective hat and have a chance to catch one of your own!

Get all your friends together and get ready to catch some Pokémon!

Get lucky and catch a shiny Aipom!

Screenshot of Pokemon animated series with Ash and Aipom

Some of the featured Pokémon for the Detective Pikachu event include Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Aipom, Snubbull and more! I bet you're wondering which shiny Pokémon will be featured for this event, right?

Niantic has confirmed you have the chance to catch a Shiny Aipom in Pokémon GO for the first time ever. While the regular Aipom is purple, the Shiny Aipom is pink. Keep an eye out so you can catch your own!

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