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What you need to know

  • DigiTimes says tablet shipments could surge 45% next quarter.
  • It believes that supply chain recovery will help spur the growth, as well as deferred educational orders.
  • It also says that Apple's tablets declined in Q1 2020, but not as much as other brands.

DigiTimes says that it expects tablet shipments to jump 45% in Q2, recovering from a slip of 33.6% in quarter one of this year.

According to the report:

Global tablet shipments are forecast to climb 45.5% sequentially and 9.9% on year in the second quarter of 2020 thanks to a recovery in the related supply chain's capacity in China and educational tablet orders deferred from the first quarter, according to Digitimes Research's latest tablet shipment figures.

DigiTimes says that tablet shipments in Q1 slipped by 33.6% compared to last year due to COVID-19, a phenomenal drop. As such, a 45% surge next quarter would not represent pure growth, but largely a recovery on the previous quarter's decline. As noted, DigiTimes believes the resurgence will be led by supply chain capacity recovering in China, as well as deferred orders for educational tablets. Separate reports have also suggested that many companies expect lockdown measures to increase demand for personal tech as more people work from home and use tech to connect with friends and family.

DigiTimes said that whilst Apple's tablet shipments declined in Q1, the rate was slower than that of other "first-tier brands", actually increasing Apple's market share. Digitimes says that Apple is set to "significantly increase" its tablet orders for the second quarter. Apple recently announced its brand new 2020 iPad Pro, and there are rumors that it could debut a new 11-inch iPad Air later this year.