Dillon Francis drops new mixtape on Apple Music

What you need to know

  • Dillon Francis dropped the first half of his Magic is Real playlist on Apple Music.
  • The mixtape comprises of four songs with collabs with TV Noise, Big Freedia and Bunji Garlin.
  • Listen to the mixtape now on Apple Music.

Dillon Francis today released the first half of his mixtape EP Magic is Real, which you can now listen to on Apple Music. The new mixtape is the follow-up to his 2018 album Wut Wut.

Francis has been a fixture in the electronic music scene for a few years now. From hits like "Say Less" and "Coming Over" to his remix of Cardi B's mega hit "I Like It," his music track record is strong.

As Apple Music likes to do with new music, it highlighted Francis' new mixtape on Twitter.

The mixtape features four songs with collaborations with TV Noise, Big Freedia and Bunji Garlin. It follows Francis' past music work featuring its signature electronic style with catchy beats. The most popular song off the mixtape so far is "Still Not Butter," a three-and-a-half-minute electronic odyssey.

Dillon Francis still hasn't revealed when the second part of his Magic is Real mixtape is coming out, but we'll eagerly await it as we listen to his latest music.

Listen to Dillon Francis' Magic is Real, Pt. 1 mixtape on Apple Music now.

Danny Zepeda