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What you need to know

  • Disney has unveiled a brand new swathe of Apple Music content.
  • It is adding more than 30 new playlists to the platform.
  • It also has new radio stations and will feature music from classic Disney content like Star Wars, Pixar, and more.

Disney has today announced that it is unveiling more than 30 Apple Music playlists as well as new radio stations on the platform.

In a press release today, the company stated:

Disney Music Group (DMG) has landed on Apple Music with a brand-new dedicated destination. Beginning today, Apple Music subscribers can discover the magic of Disney's timeless legacy with a unique collection of 30+ playlists, classic soundtracks, radio stations, and more. This new destination gives Apple Music's users an opportunity to engage with content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and beyond in a brand new way. The Disney destination on Apple will be updated regularly. At launch, Disney Halloween will be featured for spooky season.

Disney says the announcement also includes new radio stations and a new show on Apple's Music Hits radio station hosted by Sofia Carson:

The launch also includes a Disney Hits Radio special on the new Apple Music Hits radio station. Hosted by Hollywood Records' artist Sofia Carson, the radio show celebrates nearly 80 years of Disney excellence by highlighting music from the Disney Hits playlist, plus exclusive interviews with artists discussing their experiences creating iconic moments in Disney's musical history.

You can see all the new content Disney has to offer on Apple Music here

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