djay 2 and vjay update for 64-bit Apple A7 chip, bring desktop class mixing to iPhone 5s

djay 2 and vjay, the epic music and video mixing apps by Algoriddim, have been updated to support the new 64-bit Apple A7 processor in the iPhone 5s. What does that mean for those of us less interested in silicone architecture and more interested in making great music and videos? According to Karim Morsy and Michael Simmons, it means features that simply weren't possible on mobile before. Here are the stats they shared:

  • Up to 2x faster audio analysis on A7 using fully optimized 64-bit processing. djay auto-analyzes BPM, beat grids, waveforms, sound frequencies, gain, as well as the key of each song. With the iPhone 5s, users will now load and process tracks even faster, preparing the perfect transition in their performance without missing a beat.

  • Harmonic Match: High precision key detection and key matching, leveraging 64-bit audio processing. This allows users to create pitch-perfect mashups by adjusting one song’s key to match another in real-time. For example, if one song is in D major and the other song in E major, djay can now transpose a song in real-time to match its key with that of the other song, for an even more seamless transition.

  • HD video playback, mixing, effects, and recording on iPhone 5s brings more than double the video render resolution, processing more than 4 times more video data in real-time. This is done by leveraging the A7's 64-bit processor, including its significant graphics performance improvements. This allows vjay to playback, record, and mix videos in HD resolution with cutting-edge power rivaling desktop systems.

  • HD video and smoother playback at higher video frame rate when sharing vjay’s mixed video output via AirPlay using iPhone 5s. With this advancement, vjay users will experience stunning, low-latency connectivity to TV playback all without even connecting any wires.

While wacky online pundits master the debate on whether or not 64-bit has any real world applications, developers like Algoriddim show just want those applications are now, today. Impressive to say the least. Makes me want a 64-bit iPad 5 like yesterday.

If you already own djay 2 and/or vjay for iPhone, update now. If you don't, and you want to experience the future of hyper-accessible mobile music and video mixing, but them today. They'll blow your mind. And your ears. And your eyes.

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