djay Pro 2 for Mac: More for pros, AI for the rest of us!

The original djay Pro gave master mixers access to the full power of the modern Mac. djay Pro 2 adds even more power but also makes mixing more accessible to everyone.

Every time I talk about music apps, I make sure to mention that I have zero musical talent. Zlich. Nadda. And that means, before today, my use of djay was limited to fancy music playing and really, really bad scratching.

No longer.

With Automix AI, djay Pro 2 has been trained using machine learning to identify rhythm patterns, and then to pick the best way to outro and intro each and every song. Since I'm music dumb, here's how they describe it:

Automix AI calculates optimal fade durations and automatically applies parameter changes to EQs and filters for a seamless transition. Beats and tempos are matched using Morph which ensures that a song's BPM is maintained during a transition. This innovative song mixing technology allows for seamless cross-genre mixes with varying tempo.

All I know is that I can pick two songs and they fade from one to the other like I actually have a clue what I'm doing. Which I don't. And that's amazing.

It doesn't make you an actual, virtual pro djay, of course, but it allows you to play what you like and makes it sound as dope as possible.

There's also a new PhotoBeat feature that essentially lets you make your own slide shows, timed perfectly with the music. If you imagine a club where the big screen is showing photos while the songs are spinning, then this is that. But again, made super easy and accessible to everyone.

djay Pro 2 instantly creates a perfectly beat-matched slideshow in perfect harmony with the music. Photos are cycled on beat and the rate can be adjusted on-the-fly in a range of a 1⁄4 beat all the way up to 4 beats per photo. Users can also apply effects to their photos in just the same way as video, as well project the visual output via an external monitor through HDMI or AirPlay.

There are other new features as well, including advanced media library management, a keyboard shortcuts editor, and Apple Design Award-winning accessibility. Also:

  • Cue Points and Loop saving: save and name up to 8 cue points and loops per song
  • Cue Loops: assign loop triggers to cue points
  • Split library: view iTunes, Spotify, Finder, and custom playlists side by side
  • Single Deck mode: preparation view with a bigger library, ideal for preparing sets
  • Smart Filters: instantly filter your playlists by BPM, key, date, genre and other metadata
  • New audio engine: high-res waveforms, post-fader FX, high-quality filters, extensible master output effects via Audio Unit plug-ins

I can't wait to use all of this at a party.

djay Pro 2 is $49 but currently on sale for $39. You can get a free trial or buy it now on the Mac App Store.

Rene Ritchie

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