Best answer: Yes. Wireless headphones will work with Nintendo Switch Lite using the same method as with the Switch. Connect a Bluetooth audio dongle to your USB-C port.

Switch Lite & wireless

We live in a world where wireless is almost a necessity in electronics. While the Nintendo Switch Lite has cut back on some of the Switch's features to save you money such as the removal of removable Joy-Con with rumble packs, the tabletop kickstands, and TV mode (no more Switch dock), Nintendo did understand the need to maintain wireless.

A part of this is undoubtedly because wireless controllers and other wireless accessories will still be developed for Switch Lite. As it is, your extra pair of Joy-Cons from a Switch will work with the Switch Lite, so you can play multiplayer games without everybody needing their own system. This means your wireless headphones will work too. However, you will need to follow the same method used for the Switch, use a USB-to-USB-C connector to plug in your USB dongle.

Get the right dongle

There are also some dongles now being explicitly sold for the Switch and Switch Lite which cut out the connector. Most of these will take up your USB-C port but a few dongles like Genki's Audio for Switch, while a larger than others, has an added USB-C port on it, so you remain free to charge as you play.

So get your friends together to play, or play on your own. You'll be able to pop on your wireless headphones and enjoy the new Switch Lite.

It's here!

Nintendo Switch Lite

Smaller, less expensive, just as much fun

Nintendo Switch Lite works solely in handheld mode, but it uses the same cartridges as the standard Nintendo Switch. Any of your games that offer handheld mode will be compatible, and it can link with Nintendo Switch to play local co-op games.

Connect and still connect

Genki Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Charge while you listen

The Genki Adapter for Switch offers the same wireless audio that other Bluetooth 5.0 transmitters have, but it won't block your USB-C port. The adapter has a port of its own at the bottom of the dongle so you will still be able to plug in and charge.

Better together

12 Months - Nintendo Switch Online

Play together

Nintendo games have always been fun and often more fun with friends. In addition to playing online with friends, Switch Online will give you access to cloud storage for saves, as well as members-only offers and discounts.

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