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There was once a time when Apple was very good at keeping secrets. Until it left an iPhone 4 in a bar that one time. But things have starting to get silly in the last few weeks. We've seen all manner of leaks, including claimed iPhone schematics. The iPhone SE was also leaked into oblivion.

And it's that iPhone SE launch that has some people pondering – is it possible to have too many leaks? Some people have even been asking the current leak king, Jon Prosser, that same question.

It's a question that has come up before, but with the iPhone SE seeing leaks in the hours leading up to its announcement last week it's something at the forefront of minds once more.

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So we want to know – would you like to see a 24-hour pause on leaks ahead of an expected announcement? Note that this isn't necessarily going to change whether we cover them or not, but it's an interesting question to consider given the increase in leaks we've seen of late. Watching a Steve Jobs keynote with little idea of what would be announced used to be thrilling. It's fair to say we don't have quite the same excitement in 2020.

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