Downloading CarPlay on the 2015 Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai CarPlay Update

The automobile industry moves slowly. Even though Apple's CarPlay was announced a couple of year's ago, it's taken a while for the different car companies to push out updates. Hyundai recently made CarPlay available for more of its lineup, so I decided to download it and give it a go.

Updating for CarPlay was simple, and can be completed at home. From the time the initial download began until the time CarPlay was ready to be used was about 75 minutes. The process can vary in length depending on your internet speeds though, because the files you have to download from Hyundai are quite large.

To begin, you need to head over to Hyundai's site to grab the download file. You will also need to pop the Maps SD card out of your car and plug it into the SD card slot or card reader in your computer. Each file has to be downloaded and transferred to the SD card. Take your time.

As soon as the update is fully on the card, head to the car. Pop the SD card back in, go into the Settings, and fire up the update. The car does need to be running, and stay running, for the update to process, so make sure you are in a well-ventilated area before you begin.

Once you've got CarPlay installed, plug your iPhone into your car with a Lightning cable. After the phone is connected you will get a prompt asking if CarPlay can access the phone even when it is locked. Select "Allow" and then you are set.

Apps that you have installed on your phone will appear on the CarPlay dashboard. Then, it's playtime.

The process is super simple, and the end results are pretty awesome. If you own a newer Hyundai, you should check to see if the CarPlay update is available and then get it installed.

If you've installed CarPlay in your car, let me know how it's working for you!

Head into the CarPlay forums for more discussion

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  • So if it's installed already, and I wanna uninstall it from my car, how do I do it (if I want to, just in case) Posted via the iMore App
  • You can't. But if you want to use the regular infotainment system, you are still able to do that.
  • I recently installed CarPlay into my 2015 Sonata. So far, I like the interface better than Android Auto. However, I do find it strange that the on-screen display mimics the actions taking place on the phone. For example, pressing the home button on the phone takes you home on the Hyundai display. Also, if I am dialing into a meeting with a meeting code (while parked, of course) via the on-screen dialer, if I switch back to the Calendar app to see the meeting code, the Hyundai CarPlay display navigates back to the home screen and does not allow me to be looking at the calendar app on the phone while also entering digits on the dialer of the Hyundai CarPlay screen. What else is odd is that if I am playing music through the SoundCloud app, I can go to "Now Playing" on the Hyundai CarPlay home screen to control the music. However, if I want to go to Waze, the Hyundai screen returns to the home screen and leaves Now Playing. In other words, I cannot have "Now Playing" open on the car screen to control music and also have another app on the phone running. Additionally, what else is frustrating is that if I have SoundCloud or YouTube Music open in the now playing screen on the car and I then go to another app (like Waze), clicking the Now Playing app on the Hyundai screen does not bring me back to the music controls. The Now Playing app on the Hyundai screen just dims temporarily and then does nothing, acting as if it were an unresponsive app launch. So, if you want to control music via an app which doesn't have a carplay app, the only way to get the now-playing screen to provide music controls once again is to navigate back to the app on the phone. This then "re-links" the Now Playing and allows you to open the music controls on screen. I'd like to see this behavior change in the future.
  • I installed Carplay on my 2015 Sonata Limited on Friday and played with it all weekend. Yes, the install/download is slow and takes along time. But it is done. Love that I can see and pick playlists easily. Scrolls well through the songs. Maps is maps and actually the Hyundai map gives you more info on screen including the speed limit on the street your are driving. You can have Carplay playing your music and see the native maps by tapping the Home Button and then the Hyundai logo. You get a side by side view with the map on the left and the music being played (with album cover) on the right side of the screen. It kinda bothers me that if I am playing music in Carplay and using the full screen mode I don't see the album cover. Why? I don't see any settings to change this. I do listen to MLB in the car. But you need to know that when you tap the MLB logo there is a delay while the app opens on your phone. This can take a while. I suggest that if you know you are going to listen to a game that you turn the app on before you get in the car. Now I want more apps that can be used with Carplay. Many seem to be music or podcasts which seem kinda redundant.
  • Apple blurred out the album art into the album art to not distract the driver. It's a main feature of CarPlay
  • That doesn't seem like a good feature. The album art is a static image, no different to seeing a advertising billboard whilst driving. I could understand if the album art was moving, but with it being a static image it seems pointless, it's no different to having anything else on the screen
  • I wish Toyota could do something like this on my 2015 Corolla LE.
    Oh well.