ecobee SmartCamera update adds support for HomeKit Secure Video

Ecobee Smartcamera Homekit Secure Video
Ecobee Smartcamera Homekit Secure Video (Image credit: ecobee)

What you need to know

  • A new update for the ecobee SmartCamera is rolling out now.
  • Update adds support for Apple's HomeKit Secure Video feature.
  • HomeKit Secure Video allows users to store recorded video in iCloud and enables Face Recognition and Activity Zones capabilities.

ecobee has announced that it has begun rolling out a new update for the company's SmartCamera that adds support for HomeKit Secure Video. Available for free in firmware version, HomeKit Secure Video allows the ecobee SmartCamera to store video in iCloud and work with the latest iOS 14 HomeKit features.

For ecobee, the home remains the most personal space there is, and one where privacy is paramount. Starting today, the ecobee SmartCamera supports HomeKit Secure Video, enabling you to securely store activity detected by your cameras in iCloud. View live and recorded video from your SmartCamera in the Apple Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and share your Home app with others so they can view too.

With the addition of HomeKit Secure Video, ecobee SmartCameras now have the ability to store a rolling 10-days worth of recorded video directly to iCloud. Storing video in iCloud requires a subscription to the 200GB tier or higher, which starts at $2.99 a month, but recorded video does not count against a user's available storage.

ecobee SmartCamera on a table top in front of a window

ecobee SmartCamera on a table top in front of a window (Image credit: Christopher Close / iMore)

HomeKit Secure Video also allows the ecobee SmartCamera to utilize iOS 14's latest Home app features — Face Recognition, and Activity Zones. Apple's Face Recognition feature leverages a user's existing Photo Library to determine who is within a camera's view, and it can provide smart notifications that include names. Activity Zones allow users to exclude certain areas within the camera view, like a public sidewalk, to prevent nuisance notifications.

To get started with the HomeKit Secure Video update, users need to install the latest firmware via the ecobee app. Here are the details from ecobee:

  • Install the latest firmware (version
  • Ensure your device is set up with HomeKit, if it isn't it can be set up when registering the device.
  • Or you can go to the "Home" app to add an accessory. Follow the instructions in the home app and scan the QR code on the back of the ecobee device when prompted.
  • Key thing to note: users must have an ipad, homepod, or apple tv in their home so that they can use HomeKit Secure Video.

For additional security, SmartCamera owners can choose to pair HomeKit Secure Video with ecobee's Haven Home Monitoring subscription service. Haven leverages motion and presence data from other ecobee devices in the home, such as the ecobee SmartThermostat and SmartSensor for Doors and Windows to provide an automatic way to keep tabs on the home.

The ecobee SmartCamera is available at various retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy, as well as through for a suggested retail price of $179.99. ecobee's Haven Home Monitoring service plans start at $5 a month.

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