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What you need to know

  • ecobee has announced a price drop for the HomeKit-enabled SmartCamera alongside several new features.
  • New features include upgraded tracking, Spotify, and smoke alarm detection.
  • ecobee SmartCamera is available now for $129.99.

ecobee has announced that the company's HomeKit-enabled SmartCamera has a new low price, making the premium indoor camera more affordable than ever. Alongside the new price, the SmartCamera is also gaining a suite of new features, including upgraded tracking capabilities and Spotify integration.

As of today, the ecobee SmartCamera with voice control now has a new reduced price – $129.99 USD (from $179.99), as well as new, highly requested features.

  • HomeKit Secure Video to safely stream and store videos taken on the ecobee SmartCamera with voice control on Apple's secure servers. To give users additional peace of mind, the Smart Camera leverages Apple's iCloud service to securely encrypt and store video clips, where they will stay.
  • SmartFocus v2 to track the motion of multiple people and pans and zooms more smoothly.
  • Spotify Connect to stream anything from Spotify through SmartCamera with voice control.
  • Smoke Alarm Detection (with Haven subscription) to alert users and the family when the SmartCamera with voice controls hears the smoke alarm.

Now starting at $129.99, the ecobee SmartCamera works with both HomeKit Secure Video, as well as ecobee's Haven Home Monitoring service, allowing it to integrate with other devices for additional security. Accessories that work directly with the SmartCamera through Haven include ecobee's SmartThermostat, SmartSensor, and SmartSensor for Doors and Windows.

New features include an improved SmartFocus motion tracking system that pans and zooms in on a subject within its view more smoothly. Complete Spotify integration is also now available, which enables voice control over music streaming via the built-in Alexa capabilities. Finally, through Haven, users can now set the SmartCamera to notify them immediately if it detects that a smoke alarm is sounding.

The ecobee SmartCamera is available now at its new low price of $129.99 directly from ecobee at While the SmartCamera is also available at various retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, pricing has not yet been updated to reflect the price drop.

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ecobee SmartCamera

ecobee SmartCamera

New year, new features, new price

The HomeKit Secure Video-enabled ecobee SmartCamera gets even better with improved tracking, Spotify, and smoke detection. A new low price makes this premium HomeKit camera more affordable than ever.

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