Edifier Neobuds ProSource: Edifier

What you need to know

  • Edifier's new wireless earbuds promise ANC and high resolution audio at just $89.
  • You can order yours via Indiegogo now.

Audio company Edifier has announced the new NeoBuds Pro wireless earbuds, and they promise a lot. There's active noise-canceling technology for one, followed by support for what the company calls 'hi-res audio.' And they cost just $89.

It seems too good to be true, right? Especially when you consider AirPods Pro cost more than double that amount of money. But Edifier seems confident, at least in its marketing copy.

It's silence that makes sound absolute. To bring you the ultimate audio experience, Edifier designed the NeoBuds Pro with intelligent active noise cancellation (ANC) algorithms that remove surrounding noise up to 42dB, while standard earbuds only go up to 30dB. Choose from a high/comfortable mode to adjust your ANC preference, and get ready to hear your music all the way through.

As for the high-resolution audio, Edifier says that its "world class acoustics team" has been working to get things sounding "studio-grade." I'll reserve judgment until I've heard these things for myself, but those are some lofty claims.

The NeoBuds Pro are the first True Wireless Stereo earbuds to achieve Hi-Res Audio certification. Expertly tuned by our world-class acoustics team to deliver professional studio-grade sound, the NeoBuds Pro reach a frequency response of 40KHz, to perform extreme audio quality like no other in-ear device has ever done before.

Want to try them out for yourselves? The Edifier NeoBuds Pro are available for order via Indiegogo now. Otherwise, I'd suggest checking out our list of the best AirPods Pro deals and trying to bag a bargain instead.