Editor's Desk: It's time we get serious

13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Image credit: iMore)

Apple's likely to announce a new iPhone, iPad, and Mac in the coming days. And yet, most folks around the world probably aren't focused on Apple's springtime plans right now. Wars, especially those in Europe, have a way of refocusing attention away from new consumer products most of us probably don't need. As Stephen Warwick tweeted late last week, unfolding events make "writing about phones and apps feel very not important all of a sudden." But here we are.

If the many rumors are correct, Apple could soon reveal the next iPhone SE, next-gen iPad Air, refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro, and new Mac mini. That's a lot of announcements so early in a calendar year, which suggests some of the chatter might be incorrect. (Don't be surprised if some of these announcements won't happen until the Worldwide Developers Conference in June.)

March event?

Of the four possible would-be products mentioned above, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro could prove the most interesting. Coming just months after the radically improved 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, this model (the current one) holds an odd place in the overall MacBook lineup. Ultimately, it will be interesting to see what's lacking on the new 13-inch model compared to those beasts. Most likely, it will feature the same body as its predecessor with a few new goodies inside, including an all-new "M2" Apple silicon chip.

And then there's what will be the fifth-generation iPad Air. Apple has used this mid-priced tablet as a testing ground for new features in recent years. The current model, for example, was the first iPad to offer Touch ID in the Home button. It was also the first Apple tablet available in colors that went beyond silver, space gray, and rose gold.

iPad Air 4 backside

iPad Air 4 backside (Image credit: Lory Gil / iMore)

Will the new iPad Air include Face ID or stick with Touch ID? Will it feature Apple M1 silicon like the 2021 iPad Pro or include the A15 found inside the well-received 2021 iPad mini? Finally, will this be the year Apple finally resurrects bondi blue, grape, and maybe strawberry on color choices on new devices? I'm predicting modest design changes with fresh new colors — and a price hike. And it will quickly become one of the best iPads to date.

Rumors continue to suggest Apple's first event of 2022 will happen next Tuesday, March 8. Once again, the event is expected to be pre-recorded from the Apple Park campus. Stay tuned for the next iPhone!

Poor Intel

Elsewhere, Intel apparently plans to create new chips that will rival the performance offered on the 14-inch MacBook Pro. However, the new Arrowlake chips aren't expected to arrive until late summer 2023. Of course, Apple will probably have launched an even better 14-inch MacBook Pro model by that point, keeping Intel well behind.

Regardless, it's nice to see Intel finally taking Apple silicon seriously. That attitude could go a long way in bringing future Windows-based machines closer to what Apple's offering with Mac.

Tipping my toes into VR

A few weeks ago, this Apple fanboy finally broke down and purchased a VR device. Early on, I have found Facebook's Meta Oculus Quest 2 headset much more useful (and fun) than I expected, especially when it comes to fitness use.

Apple Vr

Apple Vr (Image credit: The Information)

Based on this, I am now even more excited to see what Apple has planned for VR. The iPhone maker's first VR headset, due before the end of the year, is expected to feature Micro OLED and include its own operating system. No doubt, price, game support, and how the headset compares to what Facebook's doing will go a long way in deciding whether Apple quickly becomes the VR leader or an also-ran. I can't wait for the latest battle between Apple and Facebook to begin!

It's been an interesting week and one that won't be forgotten soon. Thanks for reading, be safe, and see you soon.

- Bryan

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