EverDock is a new charging dock accessory made by Fuz designs. Made from a solid block of aluminum, EverDock feels sturdy and looks great. The bottom of the dock itself has a pad that is comprised of tiny air bubbles that stick to virtually any surface. That makes one hand removal of your iPhone or iPad without having to hold the base of the dock possible.

There are two different models of Everock but for this review, we're going to take a look at the EverDock Duo, which is made to charge and dock both the iPhone and iPad simultaneously. Beyond that, since you can put whatever kind of charging cable you'd like into the bottom of the EverDock, it also works with almost all other smartphones and tablets. That means if you've got an iPad and another kind of smartphone, you should be just fine using the EverDock for both.

EverDock Duo for iPhone and iPad review

The EverDock comes in space grey, gold, and silver so it matches whatever iPhone or iPad you've got. I've found the silver and grey look good with pretty much any device, including Android phones. While I have the EverDock Duo, Fuz also makes a standard EverDock that only holds one device at a time. The third option for purchase is a combo back that comes with a standard EverDock and an EverDock Duo.

When you receive your EverDock, you're provided with spacers to use when you don't have a case on your device. When I ordered, I was given a choice of color for the spacers but that doesn't appear to be an option on the EverDock site anymore which means you'll most likely just receive spacers that are color matched to the dock color you choose.

EverDock Duo for iPhone and iPad review

The idea is that when you're using a device without a case, you use the spacer inside the EverDock. If you have a thicker case, you should be able to remove the spacer and use EverDock without the spacer. I've had mixed results with this and it seems to depend on what kind of case you've got on your device. Ones that are thinner, but too thick to use the spacer, seem to create a gap that doesn't look all that great and causes the device to teeter from side to side. With the spacer inserted and no case on, I've had no problems. There's a little give when moving the iPhone or iPad side to side but nothing to be concerned about.

The good

  • Color matched very well to the iPhone 5s
  • Tiny air pockets on the underside of EverDock hold it in place on your desk which results in easy one handed removal of your device
  • Compatible with pretty much any smartphone or tablet
  • Reasonably priced for the high quality material used

The bad

  • Certain cases create a gap in the base that doesn't look great and causes the device to wobble back and forth
  • Sometimes sliding in an iPad or iPhone requires a little bit of fiddling as the chargers seem to be angled towards the rear of the dock too much

The bottom line

EverDock Duo for iPhone and iPad review

If you're looking for a quality docking solution that can also charge your iPhone or iPad at the same time, the EverDock is an option worth looking at. The only time I may be hesitant to recommend it is if you use a lot of cases since the results seem to be mixed. If you go naked however, you should be just fine with the EverDock.

  • EverDock Duo, $69 - Buy Now
  • EverDock, $49 - Buy Now
  • EverDock combo pack, $109 - Buy Now

EverDock Duo for iPhone and iPad review EverDock Duo for iPhone and iPad review EverDock Duo for iPhone and iPad review EverDock Duo for iPhone and iPad review

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