The blue bomber is back! That's right, Mega Man 11 is now out for all major consoles, so you can get your classic, side-scrolling platformer fix no matter what console.

Of course, the Nintendo Switch version has the added benefit of amiibos, Nintendo's plastic collectible figurines that are compatible with their associated game. They're not only solid collectibles, but they unlock additional in-game content and benefits.

Mega Man 11 is another title that has amiibo support. Today, we're covering all of the amiibo that you can use with Mega Man 11, as well as what their bonuses are.

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What does scanning amiibo get you in Mega Man 11?

If you have the Mega Man amiibo, either Mega Man 11 or Super Smash Bros. Series, you'll get a guaranteed 1-Up from it.

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Every other amiibo gives you a random chance at the following:

  • Small energy refill
  • Large energy refill
  • Small weapon refill
  • Large weapon refill
  • 1-Up

How many times can you scan amiibo per day?

Each amiibo can be scanned once a day, and up to 20 amiibo in total can be scanned per day.

If you want to scan more than 20 a day, you'll need to take your Nintendo Switch offline and then set the clock to the next calendar day (24 hours from your last scan). This tricks the system into thinking it's tomorrow and you can scan more amiibo to your heart's content.

What amiibo can I use?

Obviously, since this is a Mega Man game, you can use any Mega Man amiibo that's available. This includes:

You may also use any other amiibo that exists to scan for one of the random bonuses mentioned above. This includes:

Go and put a stop to evil Dr. Wily

Now that you know what can give you an edge in the war against Dr. Wily, put those amiibos of yours to use! Remember, you're guaranteed a 1-Up with Mega Man amiibo, and anything else gives you a random boost or possible 1-Up. It's time to get bombin' with Mega Man!

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