Mega Man 11 for the Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

After years of wondering if we were going to ever get a proper Mega Man sequel, or just more Mighty No. 9, Capcom has finally caved and given its whimsical fans Mega Man 11. Based on early demos, Mega Man 11 seems to be a fusion of the shiny, modern, Capcom style and several Busters' worth of nostalgia.

Mega Man is still Mega Man, but there's plenty new in his latest incarnation. Here's everything you need to know about the game.

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What's the story behind Mega Man 11?

Mega Man 11 is the 11th "main series" Mega Man game — that is, Mega Man games with numbers on the end. Mega Man has seen a number of spin-offs over the years, the most popular of which is the Mega Man X series, but these spin-offs have gotten the games all the way from platformer to RPG to anime!

Mega Man 11 isn't any of those. It's a true Mega Man platformer that adds a few new mechanics while bringing back a mostly traditional scope of the Blue Bomber's abilities, all with improved visuals and a kickin' soundtrack. If you like platformers, multiple difficulty levels, and a fairly short playtime just to complete, Mega Man 11 should make you happy.

What is the Double Gear system?

Mega Man 11's biggest new feature is its Double Gear system. Mega Man can use either his Speed or Power Gear to aid him in battle with the push of a button, though using either will cause Mega Man to start overheating. If he overheats too much, he'll have to wait to cool down to use the power again.

The Power Gear improves Mega Man's charged shot in different ways, either by causing him to shoot twice or otherwise deliver a much stronger blow. His Speed Gear will slow down time, allowing him to more accurately shoot targets or dodge enemy attacks coming in. You may need to use these sparingly at key moments, but you can pick up items throughout the stages that will help speed up the cooldown of his abilities.

What else can Mega Man do?

Mega Man has all his standard abilities from previous games, including his iconic Buster with its charged shot. He can also slide under low gaps (something you'll want to get good at for some of the stages!) and use his trusty pup, Rush, to bounce off of and reach higher platforms.

Finally, as in past games, when Mega Man defeats one of the Robot Master bosses, he takes their power and can use it at will. With the push of a button, Mega Man will change his appearance to reflect the weapon he's using, and his buster will be replaced with the new weapon. Some weapons will make other stages easier or harder, including giving the player an advantage against some bosses, so be sure to read up below on boss weaknesses before choosing what order to tackle the game's levels in!

What's so difficult?

Mega Man 11 has four difficulty modes: Newcomer, Casual, Normal, and Superhero. Don't be deceived by their name; Newcomer is good for those who have played very few platforming games or find the genre difficult, but Casual is a perfectly respectable difficulty to start on even if you're more seasoned. Normal, despite its name, is more of a challenge.

Once you start a difficulty, you can't change it unless you start a new run. I recommend starting on Newcomer or Casual, then working your way up to more difficult runs. Since Mega Man 11 is a fairly short game, that will help it last longer!

Who are the Robot Masters?

The Robot Masters are a series of eight bosses you'll have to defeat to gain access to the final levels and beat the game. Each one appears at the end of its respective level, and you can tackle those levels in any order. However, you may want to consult the guide below indicating which masters are weak to which abilities as you plan out the order you want to fight the levels in.

  • Block Man - Drops Block Dropper, weak against Chain Blast
  • Blast Man - Drops Chain Blast, weak against Blazing Torch
  • Torch Man - Drops Blazing Torch, weak against Tundra Storm
  • Tundra Man - Drops Tundra Storm, weak against Scramble Thunder
  • Fuse Man - Drops Scramble Thunder, weak against Bounce Ball
  • Bounce Man - Drops Bounce Ball, weak against Pile Driver
  • Impact Man - Drops Pile Drivers, weak against Bounce Ball
  • Acid Man - Drops Acid Barrier, weak against Block Dropper

When can I get it?

Mega Man 11 launches today, Oct. 2 and will cost $30.

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Want to know more?

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