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Every color Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller 2022

Finding the right pair of Joy-Con is an important process. You can make your Joy-Con fit your style with colors that match your favorite games. Joy-Con of all colors are in stock regularly, so you can buy as many different-colored extra Joy-Con as you want! You can even make your controller look new with a silicone cover or a new shell! Here's every color Nintendo Switch Joy-Con available, plus a few customization options so you can really stand out.

Pro Tip: Do not put an adhesive skin on your Joy-Con controllers. According to DBrand, a top-named adhesive skin maker, the factory coating on the Joy-Con and the console can be damaged by adhesives. Also, since some of these controllers are rare, they may not be available through first-party sellers.

Under control

There are many great controller options for the Nintendo Switch, but the Joy-Con are by far the most customizable. Whether you simply want a color change or you didn't care for the color Joy-Con your Switch came with; there are several replacement options out there. Customizing your controllers adds a touch of you to your console setup and changes your console's overall feel. There are tons of different designs and color choices out there for you to consider, so make sure you pick the one that pulls your heart the most!

I love the vibrancy of the Mario Red Joy-Con and the unique shade of red. The Neon Orange and Neon Purple set also looks great, flanking the sides of any Nintendo Switch.

Since Joy-Con can be incredibly expensive, you might want to consider the cheaper option of switching out the shell with an eXtremeRate replacement Joy-Con shell. In addition to the beautiful red, there are several other colors to choose from. If you love the feeling of nostalgia, consider these NES Classic-style controllers.