It's new game time! Nintendo Switch has quite a few new games coming out this month, and we've gathered them in one list for you! Whether they're new games or refreshed takes on some old favorites, here are all of the Switch games scheduled for release this month.

Mario Strikers Battle League Characters

★Join the Strikers Club - June 10: Mario Strikers: Battle League

Staff Pick

The Mushroom Kingdom is taking their problems to the field. In the latest Mario sports game, the crew will take on 5v5 soccer! Customize your character to not only change how you look, but also how you play. Quick battles, online play, and cup battles await you — get your cleats on and lets-a-go!

$60 at Amazon
Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Claude And Dimitri

June 24: Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Nintendo game

A new chapter in the Fire Emblem Warriors saga is coming. In this strategy game, you will choose from one of three houses, recruit others to join your house, and begin to build your army. Together you will fight for Fódlan with the characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

$60 at Amazon
Rabbids Party Of Legends Hero Switch

June 30: Rabbids: Party of Legends

A new party game with the Rabbids of Rayman! Play an assortment of mini-games and see who can win. Use the Joy-Cons to play with motion controls, and enjoy the humorous moments together.

$40 at Amazon

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Other Nintendo Switch games releasing in June

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There are so many adventures in the Nintendo Switch games launching this month. Our favorites are Mario Strikers: Battle League, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, and Rabbids: Party of Legends — but we can't wait for all the other games too!

Updated May 2022: Updated the slate of games set to hit the Switch next month.

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