Every Team confirmed for Pokemon Sword and Shield

We're 100% convinced that there may never be a team as memorable as Team Rocket and its members, Jessie, James, and Meowth, but that doesn't mean Pokémon Sword and Shield are out for the count just yet.

With the game coming out later this year, GameFreak have shown off a number of different characters, including Gym leaders and fellow rivals that want to beat you at becoming the Champion of the Galar region.

But just like Team Rocket, there's another team that's been announced for Pokémon Sword and Shield that will stand in your way.

Team Yell

Team Yell, also known as Yell Gang in Japanese, is a team that is known to follow around Marnie, a rival of yours, and hype her up wherever she goes. They want Marnie to become the Champion of the Galar region, so will often obstruct her rivals from taking their Gym challenges by taking over hotel lobbies, obstructing transports with their presence and even yelling at Marnie's opponents during a battle.

They even have towels with Marnie's face on them, which begs the question: with hypemen like this, who needs Twitter 'stan' accounts?

It has yet to be confirmed whether Marnie is the 'leader' of Team Yell, or someone who just appreciates their lack of subtlety and free advertisement of her general existence.

These are all the Teams in Pokemon Sword and Shield so far...

What do you think of them? If there are more teams to be included later on, we'll update this article to show that.

Aimee Hart