Everything in the May Monster Hunter Digital Event: New monsters, story, DLC, and roadmaps

Monster Hunter Rise Wind Serpent Ibushi
Monster Hunter Rise Wind Serpent Ibushi (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

During May's Monster Hunter Digital Event, Capcom revealed new information about the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and the previously released Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

In the first few minutes of the digital presentation, Capcom revealed a new trailer for the upcoming game.

Monster Hunter Rise trailer 4

The 4th trailer shows information on the game's story, as well as showcasing the already revealed cross-over content, amiibo and bonuses shown in April's Monster Hunter Digital Event.

Preorders for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin are now available. Those who preorder the game will receive bonuses in the form of costumes for one of the NPCs, Ena. The game releases on July 9, 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise

New information for the Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 update, the new paid DLC, and the upcoming roadmap was released.

Version 3.0 update

Monster Hunter Rise Crimson Glow Valstrax (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

The Elder Dragon Valstrax will be making an appearance in Monster Hunter Rise in the newest update. This is an even more ferocious form of the flagship monster from the Nintendo 3DS game, Monster Hunter Generations.

Monster Hunter Rise Apex Zinogre (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

A new Apex Monster, Apex Zinogre, will also be available to hunt with the newest update. Persons can encounter this ferocious lightning beast in both Rampage Quests and regular Hub Quests. Make sure to eat some Thunder-Res Dango before going into this fight!

Those who played the 2.0 update saw that even more story quests were added to the Gathering Hub, but that ended on a cliff-hanger. The 3.0 update will bring another story quest to wrap up the struggles Kamura Village has been facing. Hinoa and Minoto seem to be acting really strange. And are those the Wind Serpents reuniting? Play the quests to see!

Of course, more Rampage Quests and Hub Quests will be available for those who are hungry for even more content. There will also be a new boss battle arena available, so go and test the new skills and Rampage Skills you'll be able to get your hands on! Those looking for Guild Cards will be happy to find out that this free title update adds new Guild Card medals, as well.

Paid DLC

Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 Paid Dlc

Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 Paid Dlc (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

Most of the new content in Monster Hunter Rise has been free, but those who are looking to support the developers and get unique items to express themselves can do so.

Here is all the new paid DLC available for purchase in the Nintendo eShop:

  • Two new Hunter Voices: Yomogi and Iori. Please note that the players' gender determines what voice they can use.
  • Two new pose sets: "Hide Pose Set" and "Using the Wall Pose Set"
  • A new sticker set: "Special Stickers 2"
  • Two new hairstyles for your Hunter: "Noble Short" and "Delicate Beauty"
  • Two new face paint customization options: "Cheek Tusk" and "Stitches"
  • Two new background music songs: "Monster Hunter Series Bases" and "Monster Music: Dance Version"

Those looking to purchase all of the DLC can opt for the "Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 3" in order to save money.


Monster Hunter Rise Roadmap

Monster Hunter Rise Roadmap (Image credit: Capcom (screenshot))

Capcom plans to bring even more content to the incredibly popular multiplayer game, easily making it one of the best experiences on the Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Rise is available both on the Nintendo eShop and at retailers near you.

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