Ready your ink weapons and practice your rapid recharge, Splatoon 2 is only a few weeks away!

Whether you're a seasoned Splat Vet or you're new to the weird and wonderful world of covering your turf in the most vibrant color for victory, there are some things you need to know about this new game. It's not exactly the same as the game that took the Wii U by storm, so make sure you and your Switch are fully prepared for the excitement with this guide!

You're probably going to want a Pro Controller

Splatoon is basically a twitch shooter. You move very quickly around the map and eliminate your enemies with precision, unless you're a paint roller fan like me and focus on covering the arena in ink. This kind of gameplay is usually a lot more comfortable on a full controller that fills your hand. As cool as the Joy-Cons are, they really just aren't great for Splatoon-style games.

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This controller isn't a requirement by any means, but if your hands are starting to feel a little worn out after a few matches you might consider picking up the Pro Controller for your Switch. It's almost like a standard Xbox controller, and has all of the same features as your Joy-Cons. If you're very lucky, you'll find one of the variants with colors matching the Splatoon world!

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There's a good chance amiibo will be important

The original Splatoon offered up unique challenges with some upgraded armor and feature boosts when you used amiibo, and it was a huge advantage early on in the game if you had the skill to unlock those items. We've already seen amiibo play a big role in other Nintendo Switch games, so with the popularity of this game it's likely those figurines will be an important part of this new title as well.

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Which amiibo should you get? Start with the biggest stars in all of Inkopolis, Callie and Marie. The golden-eyed idol group plays a big role in the next game, so there's a good chance the amiibo for these characters will unlock something fun for you in-game.

There are several other Splatoon amiibo worth tracking down, but some of them are quite difficult to find at a reasonable price right now. Here's what we found:

Get a discount on the game by pre-ordering

If you're already planning on getting the game, why wait in line at a store? There are several places where you can pre-order right now and actually save some cash on the total cost of the game in the process.

Amazon, for example, drops the price from $59.28 to $47.99 if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. Best Buy's My Gamers Club also offers a discount if you pre-order the game now, as long as you're an active member. Every little bit helps, especially if you wind up spending that saved cash on more amiibo!

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