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What you need to know

  • Apple's HomePod mini is up for pre-order now.
  • It'll go on sale on November 16.
  • But ordering one now will mean you wait until mid-December in some cases.

Apple put its new HomePod mini up for pre-order last Friday and while delivery times did slip slightly it seemed like stock issues might not be an issue at all. But things have gone south since.

If you're pre-ordering a new HomePod mini today you might be waiting until the middle of December before you see it arrive on your doorstep. Especially if you're in some countries outside the United States.

Apple HomePod Mini Internal Hardware OverlaySource: Apple

Inside the United States, things are slightly better but not by much. Most people are going to be waiting until the second week of December, depending on the delivery option they go for.

The $99 HomePod mini is available in both White and Space Gray with the two colors proving difficult to get hold of, at least on launch day. There does seem to be a preference toward Space Gray if delivery estimates are any indication, although it could just be a case of more White models having been built.It's impossible to know for sure.

HomePod mini will go on sale on November 16 and people should see theirs arriving around that date. Are you one of the early pre-orderers?

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