Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition: Crafting guide

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Crafting
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Crafting (Image credit: iMore)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is finally here and, like the original, there are tons of weapons, armor, and accessories to be crafted. In addition to all the equipment from the original game, the developers added new recipes, weapons, armor, and accessories to this remastered edition. Although most of the original weapons aren't quite as powerful as the DLC exclusive weapons, there are a bunch of new weapons you can craft after finishing the core storyline.

How does Crafting work in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Crafting (Image credit: iMore)

The process of crafting weapons, armor, and accessories is fairly straightforward. You need a Tome - a special scroll that contains the design for whatever piece of equipment you wish to craft - and the materials for that design. You take both of these, as well as Gil to a Blacksmith or Tailor and in exchange, they will provide you with a weapon, piece of armor, or an accessory.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Crafting (Image credit: iMore)

There are Blacksmiths and Tailors in the various towns who you can pay to craft your equipment, but if you build characters with Blacksmith or Tailor families, they will remain in your home village, always ready to provide services. As you progress in the story, you will have many opportunities to write letters in response to your family, sending them gifts to build up affinity with them. As you increase your affinity with your family, they will offer discounts on crafting as well.

Everything you can craft in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Crafting (Image credit: iMore)

Each design can make at least one and up to four items. Each requires materials and Gil to construct. The amount of Gil will vary based on who is crafting it, but the items required remains the same.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Crafting (Image credit: iMore)

There are many weapons you can craft. Although some Tomes only make a single weapon, most make four. Which weapon you craft depends on the Tribe of the character you're playing.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Celestial WeaponLonginusDragon's Fang, Orichalcum (2), Red Eye
Dark WeaponRagnarokCursed Crook, Orichalcum, Ancient Sword
Greatest WeaponUltima MaulUltima HammerUltima LanceUltima SwordOrichalcum, Ultimite
Hero's WeaponDragoon's SpearChimera's Horn, Orichalcum, Dragon's Fang
Legendary WeaponQueen's HeelMystic HammerGungnirExcaliburAlloy, Orichalcum, Ancient Potion
Lunar WeaponDreamcatcherWind Crystal, Orichalcum, Desert Fang
Master's WeaponButterfly HeadMythril HammerDragon LanceRune BladeMythril, Alloy
Mighty WeaponSteel CudgelSonic HammerHalberdBastard SwordIron (2), Jagged Scythe
Novice's WeaponSolid RacketWave HammerPartisanIron SwordIron
Valiant WeaponElemental CudgelGoblin HammerTitan LanceFeather SaberBronze (3), Cerberus's Fang
Victorious WeaponPrism BludgeonPrism HammerDefenderIron (2), Ogre Fang
Warrior's WeaponDual ShooterRune HammerSonic LanceSteel BladeIron, Alloy
Aurora WeaponDaybreakDragon's Fang, Twilight Sand (2), Adamantite (2)
Beginnings WeaponChronicle SwordChronicle LanceChronicle LeafChronicle BirdOrichalcum (2), Hard Driftwood, Stream Water
Dawn WeaponBlaze NovaHard Shell, Adamantite (2), Scarletite (2)
Empty WeaponVanitas SwordVanitas LanceVanitas PaddleVanitas SoulHollow Onyx (3), Chipped Gear
Garden WeaponFairy TaleWind Crystal, Adamantite (2), Rainbow Stone (2)
Gelid WeaponFrost MagiaEthereal Orb, Abyss Eye (2), Adamantite (2)
Noble WeaponAcies FangAcies LanceAcies BlasterAcies HornOrichaculm (2), Damascus Steel, White Coral
Paradise WeaponEvergreenWind Crystal, Adamantit (2), Rainbow Stone (2)
Sealed WeaponLaevateinnDragon's Fang, Twilight Sand (2), Adamantite (2)
Smoldering WeaponQueen RogueEthereal Orb, Abyss Eye (2), Adamantite (2)
Storm WeaponEvil KeraunosEthereal Orb, Abyss Eye (2), Adamantite (2)
Twilight WeaponLunathornHard Shell, Adamantite (2), Scarletite (2)


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Crafting (Image credit: iMore)

Every Tribe can wear a piece of general armor, as well as a Tribe specific armor. Clavats have shields, Lilties have gloves or gauntlets, Yukes have helmets, and Selkies have belts. Not only can the different Tribes not wear each other's equipment, but they cannot craft it either.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Bronze ArmorBronze PlateBronze
Diamond ArmorDiamond PlateDiamond Ore, Orichalcum, Hard Shell
Earth ArmorGaia's PlateKing's Scale, Lord's Robe, Orichalcum
Eternal ArmorEternal MailMythril, Toad Oil
Flame ArmorFlame MailIron (3), Magma Rock (2)
Frost ArmorFrost MailIron (3), Chilly Gel (2)
Gold ArmorGold MailGold, Mythrill, Shiny Shard
Holy ArmorSaintly MailHeavenly Dust, Mythrill
Iron ArmorIron PlateIron
Lightning ArmorStorm MailIron (3), Thunderball (2)
Mythril ArmorMythril PlateMythril
Pure ArmorBlessed MailHoly Water, Mythril
Radiant ArmorCrystal MailMythril, Tiny Crystal
Time ArmorTime MailMythril, Worm Antenna
Beginnings ArmorChronicle MailMythril, White Fur (3)
Copycat MooglePom-Pom CloakElectrum (2), Moonstone (3), White Veil
Cursed RobeHeretical RobeElectrum (2), Black Slab, Star Shard (2)
Empty ArmorVanitas MailMythril, Blaze Mushroom (3)
Noble ArmorAcies MailMythril, Diamond (3)
Palladium ArmorDragon MailElectrum (2), Dragon Scale (2), Dragon Eye
Silver ArmorValkyrie MailElectrum (2), Time Shard, Stone Marker (2)
Beginnings GuardStorm ChronicleChronicle GauntletChronicle HelmChronicle BeltMythril, White Fur (2)
Cursed GuardHeretical ShieldHeretical HelmHeretical GauntletsHeretical SashElectrum (2), Black Slab (2), Star Shard
Empty GuardVanitas ShieldVanitas HelmVanitas SashVanitas GauntletsMythril, Blaze Mushroom (2)
Kupo GuardMoogle ShieldMoogle VisorMoogle SashMoogle GauntletsElectrum (3), Moonstone (2), White Veil
Noble GuardAcies ShieldAcies GauntletsAcies HelmAcies SashMythril, Diamond (2)
Palladium GuardDragon ShieldDragon GauntletsDragon SashDragon HelmElectrum (2), Dragon Eye (2), Dragon Scale
Silver GuardValkyrie ShieldValkyrie GlovesValkyrie BeltValkyrie HelmElectrum (2), Time Shard, Stone Marker (2)
Diamond ShieldDiamond ShieldDiamond Ore, Orichalcum
Flame ShieldFlame ShieldIron (2), Magma Rock
Frost ShieldFrost ShieldIron (2), Chilly Gel
Holy ShieldSaintly ShieldHeavenly Dust, Mythril
Iron ShieldIron ShieldIron
Legendary ShieldChocobo ShieldOrichalcum (2), Yellow Feather (2)
Lightning ShieldStorm ShieldIron (2), Thunderball
Magic ShieldRune ShieldBronze, Coeurl Whisker (2)
Mythril ShieldMythril ShieldMythril
Lustrous BirdGlorious BirdElectrum, Golden Feather (2), Hard Shell
Bronze GlovesBronze GauntletsBronze
Diamond GlovesDiamond Armlets--
Flame GlovesFlame ArmletsIron (2), Magma Rock
Frost GlovesFrost ArmletsIron (2), Chilly Gel
Gold GlovesGold ArmletsGold, Cockatrice Scale, Mythril
Iron GlovesIron GauntletsIron
Lightning GlovesStorm ArmletsIron (2), Thunderball
Mythril GlovesMythril GauntletsMythril
Lustrous GlovesGlorious GauntletsElectrum, Gold Needle (2), Dragon's Fang
Bronze SalletBronze HelmBronze
Diamond SalletDiamond HelmDiamond Ore, Orichalcum
Eternal SalletEternal HelmMythril, Toad Oil
Flame SalletFlame HelmIron (2), Magma Rock
Frost SalletFrost HelmIron (2), Chilly Gel
Iron SalletIron HelmIron
Lightning SalletStorm HelmIron (2), Thunderball
Mythril SalletMythril HemMythril
Time SalletTime HelmMythril, Worm Antenna
Lustrous SalletGlorious HelmElectrum, Ethereal Orb, Regal Horn (2)
Bronze BeltBronze BeltBronze
Diamond BeltDiamond BeltDiamond Ore, Orichalcum
Flame BeltFlame SashIron (2), Magma Rock
Frost BeltFrost SashIron (2), Chilly Gel
Iron BeltIron BeltIron
Lightning BeltStorm SashIron (2), Thunderball
Mythril BeltMythril BeltMythril
Pure BeltBlessed SashMythril, Holy Water
Wind BeltWinged BeltMythril, Griffin's Wing (2)
Lustrous BeltGlorious BeltElectrum, Wind Crystal, Hope Shard (2)


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Crafting (Image credit: iMore)

Accessories are even more complicated than armor or weapons. Some accessories can be worn by any character, while some are restricted to specific Tribes and others are restricted by gender.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Angel KitAngel's EarringSilver, Angel's Tear
Blue YarnBlue MisangaNeedle, Blue Silk
BrigandologyThieves EmblemOrc Belt, Green Sphere, Wind Crystal
ClockworkAccurate WatchBronze Shard (3), Worm Antenna, Gear
Daemon KitDevil's EarringSilver, Devil Claw
Designer GlassesTwisted ScopeGold, Chimera Horn, Crystal Ball (2)
Designer GogglesEagle GogglesIron, Griffin Wing, Crystal Ball (2)
Eyewear TechniquesTwisted SpectaclesSilver (2), Crystal Ball (2)
Faerie KitPixie's EarringSilver, Faerie's Tear
Fashion KitJade BracerSilver (2), Jade, Pressed Flower
Fiend KitDaemon's EarringSilver, Fiend's Claw
Flame CraftFlame BadgeIron Shard (2), Magma Rock
Forbidden TomeElemental's SoulEthereal Orb, Malboro Seed, Dweomer Sphere
Frost CraftFrost BadgeIron Shard (2), Chilly Gel
Goggle TechniquesPower GogglesBronze, Crystal Ball
Gold CraftGold NecklaceGold (2), Cockatrice Scale
Healing KitHeadband of HealingRemedy, Tiny Crystal, White Silk
Lady's AccessoriesFlower BraceletSilver (2), Ruby, Pressed Flower
Lightning CraftThunder BadgeIron (2), Thunderball
New ClockworkUnfaltering WatchBronze Shard (3), Gear, Toad Oil
Ring of InvincibilityForce RingOrichalcum, Dark Sphere
Ring of LightCrystal RingSilver, Time Crystal
Secrets of SpeedTalisman of SpeedNeedle, Zu Beak
Secrets of WisdomTalisman of WisdomNeedle, Chimera Horn
Soul of the DragonDragon's HeartDragon Fang, Orc Belt, Ruby (2)
Soul of the LionLion's HeartCerberus Fang, Ruby
Tome of MagicWizard's HeartJade, Couerl's Whisker
Tome of SorceryBishop's HeartJade (2), Cursed Crook
Tome of SpeedSpeed CharmNeedle, Gigas Claw
Tome of WisdomCharm of WisdomNeedle, Couerl's Whisker
White YarnWhite MisangaJade, Couerl's Whisker
Zeal KitHeadband of ZealRemedy, Blue Silk, Tiny Crystal

Questions about crafting in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition?

Do you have any questions about crafting in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition? Any tips on farming the rarer materials and tomes? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our many other Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition guides to take your game to the next level!

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