Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition CraftingSource: iMore

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is finally here and, like the original, there are tons of weapons, armor, and accessories to be crafted. In addition to all the equipment from the original game, the developers added new recipes, weapons, armor, and accessories to this remastered edition. Although most of the original weapons aren't quite as powerful as the DLC exclusive weapons, there are a bunch of new weapons you can craft after finishing the core storyline.

How does Crafting work in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition CraftingSource: iMore

The process of crafting weapons, armor, and accessories is fairly straightforward. You need a Tome - a special scroll that contains the design for whatever piece of equipment you wish to craft - and the materials for that design. You take both of these, as well as Gil to a Blacksmith or Tailor and in exchange, they will provide you with a weapon, piece of armor, or an accessory.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition CraftingSource: iMore

There are Blacksmiths and Tailors in the various towns who you can pay to craft your equipment, but if you build characters with Blacksmith or Tailor families, they will remain in your home village, always ready to provide services. As you progress in the story, you will have many opportunities to write letters in response to your family, sending them gifts to build up affinity with them. As you increase your affinity with your family, they will offer discounts on crafting as well.

Everything you can craft in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition CraftingSource: iMore

Each design can make at least one and up to four items. Each requires materials and Gil to construct. The amount of Gil will vary based on who is crafting it, but the items required remains the same.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition CraftingSource: iMore

There are many weapons you can craft. Although some Tomes only make a single weapon, most make four. Which weapon you craft depends on the Tribe of the character you're playing.

Tome Weapon Materials
Celestial Weapon Longinus Dragon's Fang, Orichalcum (2), Red Eye
Dark Weapon Ragnarok Cursed Crook, Orichalcum, Ancient Sword
Greatest Weapon Ultima Maul
Ultima Hammer
Ultima Lance
Ultima Sword
Orichalcum, Ultimite
Hero's Weapon Dragoon's Spear Chimera's Horn, Orichalcum, Dragon's Fang
Legendary Weapon Queen's Heel
Mystic Hammer
Alloy, Orichalcum, Ancient Potion
Lunar Weapon Dreamcatcher Wind Crystal, Orichalcum, Desert Fang
Master's Weapon Butterfly Head
Mythril Hammer
Dragon Lance
Rune Blade
Mythril, Alloy
Mighty Weapon Steel Cudgel
Sonic Hammer
Bastard Sword
Iron (2), Jagged Scythe
Novice's Weapon Solid Racket
Wave Hammer
Iron Sword
Valiant Weapon Elemental Cudgel
Goblin Hammer
Titan Lance
Feather Saber
Bronze (3), Cerberus's Fang
Victorious Weapon Prism Bludgeon
Prism Hammer
Iron (2), Ogre Fang
Warrior's Weapon Dual Shooter
Rune Hammer
Sonic Lance
Steel Blade
Iron, Alloy
Aurora Weapon Daybreak Dragon's Fang, Twilight Sand (2), Adamantite (2)
Beginnings Weapon Chronicle Sword
Chronicle Lance
Chronicle Leaf
Chronicle Bird
Orichalcum (2), Hard Driftwood, Stream Water
Dawn Weapon Blaze Nova Hard Shell, Adamantite (2), Scarletite (2)
Empty Weapon Vanitas Sword
Vanitas Lance
Vanitas Paddle
Vanitas Soul
Hollow Onyx (3), Chipped Gear
Garden Weapon Fairy Tale Wind Crystal, Adamantite (2), Rainbow Stone (2)
Gelid Weapon Frost Magia Ethereal Orb, Abyss Eye (2), Adamantite (2)
Noble Weapon Acies Fang
Acies Lance
Acies Blaster
Acies Horn
Orichaculm (2), Damascus Steel, White Coral
Paradise Weapon Evergreen Wind Crystal, Adamantit (2), Rainbow Stone (2)
Sealed Weapon Laevateinn Dragon's Fang, Twilight Sand (2), Adamantite (2)
Smoldering Weapon Queen Rogue Ethereal Orb, Abyss Eye (2), Adamantite (2)
Storm Weapon Evil Keraunos Ethereal Orb, Abyss Eye (2), Adamantite (2)
Twilight Weapon Lunathorn Hard Shell, Adamantite (2), Scarletite (2)


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition CraftingSource: iMore

Every Tribe can wear a piece of general armor, as well as a Tribe specific armor. Clavats have shields, Lilties have gloves or gauntlets, Yukes have helmets, and Selkies have belts. Not only can the different Tribes not wear each other's equipment, but they cannot craft it either.

Tome Armor Materials
Bronze Armor Bronze Plate Bronze
Diamond Armor Diamond Plate Diamond Ore, Orichalcum, Hard Shell
Earth Armor Gaia's Plate King's Scale, Lord's Robe, Orichalcum
Eternal Armor Eternal Mail Mythril, Toad Oil
Flame Armor Flame Mail Iron (3), Magma Rock (2)
Frost Armor Frost Mail Iron (3), Chilly Gel (2)
Gold Armor Gold Mail Gold, Mythrill, Shiny Shard
Holy Armor Saintly Mail Heavenly Dust, Mythrill
Iron Armor Iron Plate Iron
Lightning Armor Storm Mail Iron (3), Thunderball (2)
Mythril Armor Mythril Plate Mythril
Pure Armor Blessed Mail Holy Water, Mythril
Radiant Armor Crystal Mail Mythril, Tiny Crystal
Time Armor Time Mail Mythril, Worm Antenna
Beginnings Armor Chronicle Mail Mythril, White Fur (3)
Copycat Moogle Pom-Pom Cloak Electrum (2), Moonstone (3), White Veil
Cursed Robe Heretical Robe Electrum (2), Black Slab, Star Shard (2)
Empty Armor Vanitas Mail Mythril, Blaze Mushroom (3)
Noble Armor Acies Mail Mythril, Diamond (3)
Palladium Armor Dragon Mail Electrum (2), Dragon Scale (2), Dragon Eye
Silver Armor Valkyrie Mail Electrum (2), Time Shard, Stone Marker (2)
Beginnings Guard Storm Chronicle
Chronicle Gauntlet
Chronicle Helm
Chronicle Belt
Mythril, White Fur (2)
Cursed Guard Heretical Shield
Heretical Helm
Heretical Gauntlets
Heretical Sash
Electrum (2), Black Slab (2), Star Shard
Empty Guard Vanitas Shield
Vanitas Helm
Vanitas Sash
Vanitas Gauntlets
Mythril, Blaze Mushroom (2)
Kupo Guard Moogle Shield
Moogle Visor
Moogle Sash
Moogle Gauntlets
Electrum (3), Moonstone (2), White Veil
Noble Guard Acies Shield
Acies Gauntlets
Acies Helm
Acies Sash
Mythril, Diamond (2)
Palladium Guard Dragon Shield
Dragon Gauntlets
Dragon Sash
Dragon Helm
Electrum (2), Dragon Eye (2), Dragon Scale
Silver Guard Valkyrie Shield
Valkyrie Gloves
Valkyrie Belt
Valkyrie Helm
Electrum (2), Time Shard, Stone Marker (2)
Diamond Shield Diamond Shield Diamond Ore, Orichalcum
Flame Shield Flame Shield Iron (2), Magma Rock
Frost Shield Frost Shield Iron (2), Chilly Gel
Holy Shield Saintly Shield Heavenly Dust, Mythril
Iron Shield Iron Shield Iron
Legendary Shield Chocobo Shield Orichalcum (2), Yellow Feather (2)
Lightning Shield Storm Shield Iron (2), Thunderball
Magic Shield Rune Shield Bronze, Coeurl Whisker (2)
Mythril Shield Mythril Shield Mythril
Lustrous Bird Glorious Bird Electrum, Golden Feather (2), Hard Shell
Bronze Gloves Bronze Gauntlets Bronze
Diamond Gloves Diamond Armlets --
Flame Gloves Flame Armlets Iron (2), Magma Rock
Frost Gloves Frost Armlets Iron (2), Chilly Gel
Gold Gloves Gold Armlets Gold, Cockatrice Scale, Mythril
Iron Gloves Iron Gauntlets Iron
Lightning Gloves Storm Armlets Iron (2), Thunderball
Mythril Gloves Mythril Gauntlets Mythril
Lustrous Gloves Glorious Gauntlets Electrum, Gold Needle (2), Dragon's Fang
Bronze Sallet Bronze Helm Bronze
Diamond Sallet Diamond Helm Diamond Ore, Orichalcum
Eternal Sallet Eternal Helm Mythril, Toad Oil
Flame Sallet Flame Helm Iron (2), Magma Rock
Frost Sallet Frost Helm Iron (2), Chilly Gel
Iron Sallet Iron Helm Iron
Lightning Sallet Storm Helm Iron (2), Thunderball
Mythril Sallet Mythril Hem Mythril
Time Sallet Time Helm Mythril, Worm Antenna
Lustrous Sallet Glorious Helm Electrum, Ethereal Orb, Regal Horn (2)
Bronze Belt Bronze Belt Bronze
Diamond Belt Diamond Belt Diamond Ore, Orichalcum
Flame Belt Flame Sash Iron (2), Magma Rock
Frost Belt Frost Sash Iron (2), Chilly Gel
Iron Belt Iron Belt Iron
Lightning Belt Storm Sash Iron (2), Thunderball
Mythril Belt Mythril Belt Mythril
Pure Belt Blessed Sash Mythril, Holy Water
Wind Belt Winged Belt Mythril, Griffin's Wing (2)
Lustrous Belt Glorious Belt Electrum, Wind Crystal, Hope Shard (2)


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition CraftingSource: iMore

Accessories are even more complicated than armor or weapons. Some accessories can be worn by any character, while some are restricted to specific Tribes and others are restricted by gender.

Tome Accessory Materials
Angel Kit Angel's Earring Silver, Angel's Tear
Blue Yarn Blue Misanga Needle, Blue Silk
Brigandology Thieves Emblem Orc Belt, Green Sphere, Wind Crystal
Clockwork Accurate Watch Bronze Shard (3), Worm Antenna, Gear
Daemon Kit Devil's Earring Silver, Devil Claw
Designer Glasses Twisted Scope Gold, Chimera Horn, Crystal Ball (2)
Designer Goggles Eagle Goggles Iron, Griffin Wing, Crystal Ball (2)
Eyewear Techniques Twisted Spectacles Silver (2), Crystal Ball (2)
Faerie Kit Pixie's Earring Silver, Faerie's Tear
Fashion Kit Jade Bracer Silver (2), Jade, Pressed Flower
Fiend Kit Daemon's Earring Silver, Fiend's Claw
Flame Craft Flame Badge Iron Shard (2), Magma Rock
Forbidden Tome Elemental's Soul Ethereal Orb, Malboro Seed, Dweomer Sphere
Frost Craft Frost Badge Iron Shard (2), Chilly Gel
Goggle Techniques Power Goggles Bronze, Crystal Ball
Gold Craft Gold Necklace Gold (2), Cockatrice Scale
Healing Kit Headband of Healing Remedy, Tiny Crystal, White Silk
Lady's Accessories Flower Bracelet Silver (2), Ruby, Pressed Flower
Lightning Craft Thunder Badge Iron (2), Thunderball
New Clockwork Unfaltering Watch Bronze Shard (3), Gear, Toad Oil
Ring of Invincibility Force Ring Orichalcum, Dark Sphere
Ring of Light Crystal Ring Silver, Time Crystal
Secrets of Speed Talisman of Speed Needle, Zu Beak
Secrets of Wisdom Talisman of Wisdom Needle, Chimera Horn
Soul of the Dragon Dragon's Heart Dragon Fang, Orc Belt, Ruby (2)
Soul of the Lion Lion's Heart Cerberus Fang, Ruby
Tome of Magic Wizard's Heart Jade, Couerl's Whisker
Tome of Sorcery Bishop's Heart Jade (2), Cursed Crook
Tome of Speed Speed Charm Needle, Gigas Claw
Tome of Wisdom Charm of Wisdom Needle, Couerl's Whisker
White Yarn White Misanga Jade, Couerl's Whisker
Zeal Kit Headband of Zeal Remedy, Blue Silk, Tiny Crystal

Questions about crafting in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition?

Do you have any questions about crafting in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition? Any tips on farming the rarer materials and tomes? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our many other Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition guides to take your game to the next level!

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