The first cross-platform AR app for iPhone and Android just launched

Google has been talking about ARCore on Android for a while now. Apple's been championing ARKit for iPhone for about as long. Today, the first cross-platform ARKit/ARCore app has launched on both app stores respectively. It's called Just a Line and you and your friends can make drawings in the air, and even draw on top of each other's art, using augmented reality.

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It's just a simple app. One person draws in the air using their phone. Another person draws in the air using their phone. Both air drawings show up on both phones, in real time. You can also record video of your AR doodles to share on your sosh meeds.

It uses Google's Cloud Anchor system, which allows one person to "host" and AR session that others can join. The information is sent to Google's cloud servers and directed back to each device, which makes it possible to play games and share experiences on Android and iOS devices.

This is just the first of what's sure to be a lot of cross-platform apps and games that will make use of both ARKit and ARCore.

I can't wait to play a rematch of that battle game I played with Russell Holly. You won't beat me next time!

Lory Gil

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