Sayonara Wild Hearts and Apple Arcade with a DualShock 4 controllerSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple added five new games to Apple Arcade.
  • Apple Arcade is available for $4.99/m for the whole family.
  • None of the games have ads or IAP.

Apple today added five new games to its ever growing list of titles. All of them are available for download now and won't cost you a penny beyond the usual Apple Arcade subscription.

And because this is Apple Arcade, none of these games have ads or in-app purchase to get in the way of your fun.

The new titles include:

  • Star Fetched - "Star Fetched is a sci-fi platformer about a young space-adventurer who is mysteriously teleported to a far-away solar system to help defend against an incoming alien invasion. It combines side-scrolling action with elements of tower-defence, exploration & RPG."
  • Super Mega Mini Party - "Compete with players from around the world in hyper casual competitive mini-games or throw a Super Mega Mini Party with friends!"
  • Monomals - There's a big music contest going on amongst the world's best animal DJs! Armed with a big fishing rod and a plug, go fishing in deep waters to help the DJs catch all of the Monomals™, and create your very own music in the MonoMaker™!"
  • The Mosaic - "Mosaic is a dark surrealistic ad atmospheric adventure game about urban isolation and the dread of being a piece in a giant machinery you can't understand."

All of these games will work on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV and if you love your games, why not consider GameClub, too?

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