Florence and the Machine's Lungs turns 10, listen to it on Apple Music

What you need to know

  • Florence and the Machine's debut album Lungs turns ten this year.
  • The debut album launched the British rock band into stardom.
  • It produced hits like "Dog Days Are Over" and earned the band a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

Nowadays, Florence and the Machine is thought of as rock music royalty. The British band led by Florence Welch and Isabella Summers, is renown for countless hits. Yet in 2009, the newly formed band was a nobody when it released its debut album Lungs. Let's take a look back at the album as it turns ten.

Before we get to Lungs' debut in 2009, let's backtrack a little to 2007 when Florence and the Machine formed. After Florence Welch and Isabelle Summers formed the band—which was named after them using Florence's first name and Isabella's nickname, Machine—they began playing as a band.

It wasn't until late 2008 that the band signed with Island Records and began recording Lungs. Come July 2009, the debut album was released and Florence and the Machine became a must-see band with a certain spunk to them.

The album produced many hits, but none bigger than "Dog Days Are Over" and "Cosmic Love." The former an upbeat single with a super catchy chorus and the latter a contemplative statement.

Lungs ended up earning Florence and the Machine a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist alongside Drake, Justin Bieber and Mumford & Sons.

Florence and the Machine continues to be a staple in the rock music scene with three more albums to its name. But it all started with Lungs in 2009.

Listen to Florence and the Machine's Lungs on Apple Music.

Danny Zepeda