Forget MagSafe, MOFT's $14 phone stand and cardholder works with any iPhone

Moft Phone Stand Wallet Lifestyle
Moft Phone Stand Wallet Lifestyle

There's no doubt that Apple's new MagSafe tech is impressive and will open up a whole new category of iPhone accessory like the MagSafe Wallet. But it's only built into the iPhone 12 series of devices.

If you're rocking a phone older than 2020, you can get an experience close to that of Apple's own wallet with the MOFT X phone stand and wallet. And, right now, it's discounted by 40% at Amazon, taking it down to just $13.80. All you have to do is clip the coupon on its product page before you add it to your cart to get the discount.

MOFT X 4-in-1 Phone Stand and Card Holder

MOFT X 4-in-1 Phone Stand and Card Holder

If you picked up a new phone this Cyber Monday, this reusable multi-functional phone stand, wallet attachment, and phone grip is a super-neat accessory. It would also make a great gift for basically anyone with a phone this holiday season.

The MOFT X is similar to the MagSafe Wallet in that it is super-thin so it adds very little bulk to the back of your phone. Like Apple's offering, it can hold up to three credit cards for easy access.

Where MOFT's accessory stands out from Apple, though, is in its multifunctionality. Not only is it a cardholder, but it also folds out into a phone stand so you and prop your phone up in portrait or landscape orientation for watching video. It also works as a phone grip, similar in spirit to a PopSocket, since you can slide your fingers between its layers while holding your phone. On top of all that, the case is magnetic and works with MOFT's magnetic sticky pads so you can mount your phone basically anywhere.

Since non-iPhone 12 models don't have the built-in magnets on the back, the MOFT X does not work in quite the same way. Instead of magnetically attaching to your phone, it instead uses adhesive. That's probably a benefit in some cases as it won't fall off as easily as Apple's MagSafe Wallet, but it is reusable so can be taken off and put back on several times. It also means it can be used with any iPhone model as well as all manner of android devices.

A few styles of the MOFT X attachment are on sale so be sure to click through the different options, though the dark blue version is currently the cheapest.

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