Gal*Gun 2: Everything you need to know!

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Note: Gal*Gun 2's themes and images are NSFW and for mature audiences.

Gals? Guns? More of both of those? Gal*Gun 2 is on its way, and with it plenty more girls to flirt with, woo, and suck the clothes off of in an attempt to rid them of demons. Don't laugh; that's Gal*Gun! With the power of your Demon Sweeper, you must rid your school of the demons that possess your adorable fellow students, and win the girl of your dreams in the process. It's out for the Nintendo Switch on April 24th, and you can pre-order it now on Amazon.

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Understandably, you may be questioning whether this particular brand of demon sucking love is right for you. To help you decide, here's everything we know so far about Gal*Gun 2:

The school of your dreams

It's another average day at school when you glance at your phone and see an unfamiliar app. Upon opening it, surprise! A gift appears on your desk: the Demon Sweeper, a vacuum cleaner with the power to suck up demons, along with a pair of mysterious goggles and other pieces of equipment. With the goggles on, you can see an angel who calls herself Risu. She instructs you to track down and stop a demon named Kurona, who is terrorizing the girls of the Academy. Given the unconventional manner in which you must exorcise these demons, it is fortunate that you are very, very fond of your female classmates.

Gal*Gun 2 is a first-person rails shooter much like its predecessors, Gal*Gun and Gal*Gun: Double Peace. You'll travel through various levels with your Demon Sweeper and other tools, hunting for demons. As you progress, you'll encounter possessed young women who can't seem to keep their hands off you. Fortunately, you can give them exactly what they want!

Using your new equipment, you can shoot the girls...with pleasure! Aim for pleasurable places on the girls' bodies with a Pheromone Shot. If you hit them just right, they'll "explode in euphoria" and expel their demons for you to suck up... along with their clothes, whoops.

Daily school life

It's not all clothes-sucking and pleasure-giving. As a student, you'll have to keep an eye on your daily schedule to ensure you're spending time with the best girls. Your fellow classmates will give you jobs to do, and you'll want to pursue the jobs from the girls you like best to unlock more story scenes and improve your relationships with them. You can woo multiple girls, including your childhood friend Nanako and the tech-savvy Chiru.

Making its return in Gal*Gun 2 is Doki Doki mode. While shooting possessed girls with your Pheromone Gun, this mode lets you zoom in on certain body parts and touch and rub while the girls lose their minds. Yeah, you're basically toting around a portable orgasm machine. Gal*Gun 2 promises that this mode is even more detailed than ever, with even bouncier physics for certain body parts. Enjoy; the girls certainly are.

Wait, is this serious?

Yes and no! Yes, this really is how Gal*Gun 2 works. It's in the same style as the previous GalGun games, but with new girls and new gadgets to pleasure them with. It's also not serious at all, though. GalGun 2 knows it's ridiculous and continuously turns up the level of absurdity throughout. Mobs of girls will swarm around you, driven by demons. You can hone in on their bouncing breasts, rub them vigorously while they squeal with happiness, then use a huge vacuum to blow their clothes off. All in the name of exorcism!

OK, I'm intrigued in spite of myself — How much does it cost?

Gal*Gun 2 will cost $59.99 when it launches on April 24. You can pre-order it on Amazon.

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