Aralon screenshot from iPhone showing a waterfallSource: GameClub

What you need to know

  • Avalon was a popular RPG back in the day.
  • The game fell into disrepair, but it's back.
  • GameClub has brought it back with hot new graphics.

Aralon is an RPG that we were playing years and years ago. Originally brought to iOS by developer Galoobeth Games, it eventually found a new home at Crescent Moon. But as was the case with so many premium mobile games, it struggled to make money. Eventually, it stopped being updated. But now it's back, bigger and better than ever.

Available via GameClub, Aralon has had more than a lick of paint. It's been completely revamped and you won't recognize it when you remember the original title. The term "night and day" doesn't really do it justice.

Let's prove my point.

The screenshot below shows how an area with a waterfall originally appeared in the game. It looks fine, certainly for an old iOS game. But it definitely wouldn't cut it in 2020, right?

Aralon screenshot from iPhone showing a waterfallSource: GameClub

Now look back at the image at the top of this post. Yep, they're the same location. Amazing, I'm sure you'll agree.

You can take Aralon for a spin by downloading it from the App Store now. You'll need a GameClub subscription, but you already have that don't you?

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