GameStop has Mario Kart and Zelda Nintendo Switch bundles in-stock for $360

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Gamestop has a variety of Nintendo Switch bundles in stock currently with free shipping when you use code SAVER.

If you still haven't been able to get your hands on one yet, this deal is practically as good as they come at this point. Each bundle includes a game to bring the total of the bundle to the price of what it would cost if you bought the Nintendo Switch and the included game at full price.

Realistically you can find small discounts on these games at various retailers, but finding a Switch is near impossible in most stores and online right now. These bundles will ship by Sept 8 so your wait for the Switch could be over by the end of next week if you order today.

The Switch doesn't come with a carrying case and you're gonna want to bring it along with you when you go on trips or long car rides, so you may want to check out this sweet Mario Kart 8 travel case we mentioned on our site yesterday which is now down to just $11.

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