8 Meta Quest 2 features we want to see in the Apple VR headset

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The Meta Quest 2, also known as the Oculus Quest 2, is by far the most popular VR headset on the market today. It's host to some of the very best VR games and provides one of the most convenient headset experiences out there, thanks in part to its wireless capabilities.

With rumors swirling that an Apple VR headset is in the works and could launch in the next few months, it's no wonder that we want this gear to also have similar traits to the Quest 2. If Apple's VR headset wants to compete with the Quest 2, it's going to need to take a page out of the latter's playbook.

120Hz refresh rate

Half-Life: Alyx

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The Meta Quest 2 offers a refresh rate of up to 120Hz for many of its games, meaning that the screen refreshes itself 120 times every second to make sure you're seeing the latest input from the device. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the visuals tend to run as well. This is something you'll want for more visually intensive VR games like Half-Life: Alyx, which is currently only available on the Valve Index.

If the Apple VR can at least offer as much as 120Hz with its games, then we're in for a smoother, more refined experience regardless of what game you want to play.

Compatibility with Mac and PC

13-inch MacBook Pro (2022)

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Leading VR headsets offer a user interface that allows you to search for games, look through your library, adjust settings, and more. We assume that the Apple VR will offer its own UI as well, but with that special Apple flair. 

Something the Quest 2 does that makes it so wonderful is allowing the headset to wirelessly connect to other devices like computers. That way, owners can access and play some of the best VR games on other devices as well. Knowing Apple to be of the walled garden variety of tech, it's very likely the tech company will make it so the headset device can only be used with Apple products. However, it would offer more opportunities if it isn't so closed off. 

Regardless, the Apple VR headset should at least be able to wirelessly connect to your other Apple devices.

Casting to iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV

Someone playing Meta Quest 2 with game showing up on TV behind them.

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Though usually a solitary gaming experience, VR games still offer a fun social experience if you cast the game somebody is playing to a screen for anyone else in the room to view. That way, if a horde of zombies comes at your brother while he plays, you'll understand why he's screaming and jumping around. 

In games that offer precision, you can also rejoice and exclaim along with the player as they perform difficult actions, like if your sister is playing a rhythm game and tackles a particularly challenging set of motions. 

With Apple's exquisite ecosystem of iPhones, iPads, and even Apple TV, it would make sense for the Apple VR to be able to cast to these devices or offer some kind of interaction of some kind. As we mentioned in the previous section, Apple is closed off, but it's done a great job allowing us to connect devices together, so this should be an obvious inclusion.

Apple Health syncing

Apple Watch showing walking steps on someone's wrist.

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It's no secret that many people use VR fitness games as a way to exercise. Even more people started doing it after the pandemic hit in 2020 as a way to work out without leaving the comfort of their homes. Thankfully, the Quest 2 allows you to sync the data from your games to fitness apps, including Apple Health

It only makes sense that Apple VR would do the same if fitness games are available for it. That way, you can work out and check up on your progress. 

Comfortable fit and intuitive controllers

Meta Quest 2 controllers, one white, one black

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Admittedly, there is debate about how comfortable the Meta Quest 2 actually is. No matter what you think, it does offer one of the most comfortable fits out of all other VR headsets on the market. A dial on the back allows you to widen or narrow the strap size to fit a range of head shapes easily, and the soft straps are more comfortable than hard stiff plastics used on some other devices. 

With any luck, Apple VR will not only look good but will feel good, too. It needs to fit comfortably, be well balanced so as not to make it feel like you have to adjust the bulky front end often, and be easy to adjust for everyone in your home. 

It's unclear what kind of controllers the Apple VR will have at this point, but we can hope they'll be as intuitive and convenient, if not more so, than the Meta Quest 2's. Facebook's controllers gain power from two AA batteries in each handle and only weigh 4.4 ounces. With any luck, Apple VR controllers will have rechargeable internal batteries without weighing too much. 

Passthrough viewing camera

Someone playing Cubism, a VR game that allows passthrough viewing.

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There are two types of VR headsets out there: wireless ones like the Quest 2 and tethered ones that require you to stay connected by cables in a more confined area. The tradeoff here is that tethered VR games tend to offer a far more in-depth experience with greater visuals and longer gameplay. 

In both instances, you might accidentally swing you arms and break a vase in your living room while wielding a sword in a game. To help with this, VR headsets have cameras that map your room to advise you when you get close to something. 

But the Quest 2 also offers passthrough viewing so you can see a grainy version of your living room. This comes in handy when you need to grab your water bottle and take a drink during a workout or if you want to grab a snack after beating a level. While definitely not a completely necessary feature, it is extremely convenient and so we hope to see passthrough viewing on Apple VR. 

There are also some VR games that allow you to play in passthrough viewing mode, like Cubism, so it could be a handy feature for developers.

Haptic feedback

Oculus Quest controller on counter.

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It's undeniable that the honor of the best haptic feedback in gaming belongs to the PlayStation 5 DualSense. Players on this latest console can feel minute vibrations across the back representing rainfall or can feel slight pressure on the triggers as they pull back an arrow on a bow. The Quest 2 also offers haptic feedback, and while it's modest compared to the PS5, it's still very good. 

Haptic feedback draws us further into games, enticing yet one more of our senses to believe in the illusion offered on the headset. Hopefully, whatever Apple VR has in store for us at least offers a little vibration. 

Plenty of accessories

Anker Charging Dock on counter with Meta Quest 2 charging inside.

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This isn't exactly a Quest 2 feature, but it helps that the popular VR headset has so many official and third-party accessories on the market. That way, players can make adjustments to provide an even more convenient experience for them. For instance, there are straps you can purchase to help make the headset fit on your head better without sagging in front, and items like the Anker Charging Dock that allow you to neatly charge up the headset and controllers when not in use,

Apple tends to do a great job at providing its own helpful accessories for its devices, and we expect it to do the same with the Apple VR. At the very least, we'd like to have a charging station, headset counter-balance options, and a carrying case. 

The Apple VR of my eye

Apple is always looking forward to the future and thinking about ways to create new meaningful hardware. It makes sense that VR is on its mind as it's far more approachable today than it ever has been before. Considering that the rumored Apple VR will come into a world that already has a standard VR headset in the marketplace is actually a good thing. This allows the Apple VR to take the best ideas, include them in a device of its own make, and even improve upon them. 

The Meta Quest 2 is such a popular headset because it offers a wide range of games, is easy to use, and offers plenty of useful features. With any luck, any Apple VR in the works will have been influenced and inspired by the Meta Quest 2 enough that it becomes a worthy competitor in the field. 

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